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Import forklift lithium battery and domestic forklift battery

by:Vglory      2020-09-11
Imported forklift more expensive than domestic forklift batteries, lithium-ion batteries this undisputable, with a group of 48 v400ah import lithium battery, for example, about the price is in 20000 yuan to 27000 yuan, the domestic price is in 12000 yuan to 15000 yuan, the gap between the basic half, but in terms of use and deep cycle life ability, and other factors, imported forklift lithium batteries used in 1500 ~ 1700, localization of the battery pack 800 times or so, life use has obviously, refer to the late maintenance of minus 30%, or it's a good deal, but if domestic forklift lithium battery combination of two groups of life, than a set of import can be long, and in accordance with the old battery recycling discount, save a lot of, no matter where, all belong to the dynamic model of lead-acid battery must rely on the daily maintenance of the continuation of its own performance, charge, discharge, vehicle electrical system, power part affect the lithium battery, so the proposed enterprise in combination with its own operations, according to the workload and personnel quality comprehensive considering whether to be fitted with a set of imported forklift lithium-ion battery pack. News from shenzhen:
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