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If your netbook or laptop batteries run frequently

by:Vglory      2020-06-25
Cleaning Your Battery Contacts Always keep your battery contacts clean. These get dirty over time and corrode easily affecting the performance. A simple damp cotton swab should do the trick of leaving the metal contacts clean and sparkling. Take care to ensure that the cotton is dampened with rubbing alcohol. Ensure that the set is completely dry before you put the laptop batteries back in. This needs to be done every alternate month. Charging Your Laptop Batteries Laptop batteries need to be charged properly. Try to buy laptop batteries which are lithium. Take care that it should not be fully discharged. Be vigilant in using specific Ac adaptor / charger designed for your computer. If your lap top is pretty old, it would probably contain nickel (NIHM) batteries. Take care to drain and recharge just to confirm its charging function for full capacity is still working. The process of draining a NIHM is very simple. Just turn your computer on after disconnecting it from the external power aid and allow the computer to run with maximum number of applications. This coupled with peak brightness levels cause the batteries to drain. After completely draining, recharge the battery to the maximum. This will take around twelve hours. Tips to For Better Usage Heat generation and extreme operating temperatures affect device performance. This means more battery power usage and short battery lifespan. Your computer should be left free to breathe. Don't obstruct the cooling vents with fancy computer covers. These when placed improperly cause more harm than you think. Optimize settings with a customized power scheme for your needs. Low power states are advantageous such as sleep or hibernation. When not in use, this mode conserves power. Buy laptop batteries in advance to allow sufficient back up. Make sure you Buy Laptop Batteries from reputed dealers who present quality stuff. If you need to store your laptop battery for over a week, make sure that it is fully discharged or discharged to atleast forty percent. Store it in a cool place far away from hot surfaces so that its constituents are not affected. Adequate storage goes a long way in adding life to laptop batteries.
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