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GS lithium batteries and HAWKER forklift battery performance contrast

by:Vglory      2020-09-04
Called the GS GSYUASA, is mainly Japanese companies and soup shallow joint research and development of lithium battery forklift, is Japan's largest lithium battery production enterprises, the most common in Japan, such as: mitsubishi, Toyota, komatsu, nissan these in logistics equipment industry enjoys a good reputation higher forklift brand, form a complete set of GS battery. In the domestic Japanese forklift manufacturer, also supporting GSYUASA, battery life is very strong, is a lot of foreign enterprises, the GS don't, and HAWKER battery? The HAWKER to enter the Chinese market, hawk, hawk energy group as early as 1891 began to produce all kinds of lead acid lithium battery, is one of the earliest battery manufacturers in the world. After more than one hundred years of development, its competitive battery technology to ensure its authoritative position in the field of industrial battery in the world. 'Measurement laboratories founded company expensively' is the guarantee of products remain a world leader, hawk energy group, is one of the world's largest professional battery manufacturers and suppliers, and a leader in the ranks of global battery technology, make its ability of globalization is strengthened. In the world, it has more than 20 companies, with annual sales of more than 3. 7 billion dollars. Hawk energy group's goal is to become the world's first battery suppliers and technology leader, in daily work, we want to batteries necessary to understand some of the parameters, to ensure that can correctly assess the state of battery, rated voltage of GS battery monomer is: 2, v/C; But under normal circumstances is not equal to 2 v/C. Charge when electricity is high, low after electricity. A new monomer in charge electric power voltage ( Detect current state) In 2. More than 60 v/C, which HAWKER than GS, HAWKER in 2. 70 v/C above, GS in 2. 65 v/C ( And the temperature also has a certain relationship) 。 When charge electricity HAWKER battery electrolyte specific gravity of 1. 275-1. 285公斤/ L ( 30℃) , GS electrolyte specific gravity of 1. 275-1. 285公斤/ L ( 20℃) 1, GS DIN standards. 290±0. 003 ( 30℃) ; Charge the battery open circuit voltage ( Let stand for half an hour after the charge electric power off) HAWKER voltage of 2. 17 v/C, GS voltage of 2. 14V/C。 Lead acid lithium battery open circuit voltage of: U = electrolyte specific gravity values ( Sg) + 0. 84 ( Empirical formula) ; Lithium battery discharging, HAWKER battery allow release ( Integrated the best) GS battery allow release (80% of the rated capacity, The best) 75% of the rated capacity. Battery discharge when the voltage is about 1 80%. 87V/C( Termination voltage is about 1. 7 v / C) ( Affected by the discharge rate) And 80% after electricity when electrolyte proportion is about 1. 17公斤/ L ( Termination of about 1. 14公斤/ L) ( The numerical value is influenced by many factors such as discharge rate) 。 小贩:S30 = Sg + ( T- 30) * 0. 0007; g: S20 = Sg + ( T- 20) * 0. 0007; To sum up, GS and HAWKER forklift lithium battery performance is different, part of June 3rd.
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