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Golf cart battery installation and replacement

by:Vglory      2020-09-12
Golf cart batteries use 6 v, 8 v series combination of monomer, among them 6 v has a capacity of 220 ah, ah, ah 190, 210 180 ah, many battery manufacturers label is 20 hours discharge rate, and national standard is 5 hour rate as discharge, such as: evergreen v245 6, 3 - EV - 245, mark is 20 hr, 245 ah capacity, 5 hr will indicate at the bottom right, 190 ah, this annotation is relatively easy to chaos customers choose brand direction in the future, that must be 245 ah capacity, however, most of domestic golf cart battery production enterprises, or in the 5 hours discharge annotations; In terms of production, can be divided into the tube plate and paste type two, more early to paste on the market, with diversified tubular battery application, the user feel put resistance of tubular battery and charging circulation ability better than paste, market gradually replace is given priority to with tubular cells, need to pay attention to when installing, avoid high temperature short circuit, in series, the positive and negative polarity to distinguish. Subsequent use, often should check whether the distilled water is enough, equalizing charge once a month, so you can continue golf cart lithium battery service life. Golf cart to the lithium battery when it is important to note that it will affect the service life of it, so be sure to do the following maintenance measures: 1, the lithium battery when not in use for a long time, it will gradually to release energy, until it scrapped. So, every time you need to open a golf cart, supplemental power lithium batteries. 2, if the golf car ammeter pointer indicating capacity is insufficient, need timely supplement to its power. Golf cart lithium battery storage battery can be reflected on the dashboard. Sometimes found in the process of driving power is not enough, the engine flameout't start again, can take temporary measures is seeking support from other vehicles, powered by lithium-ion batteries from using their vehicles a cart. 3, the density of lithium battery electrolyte shall, according to different areas and different season, according to the standard for the corresponding adjustment and configuration. 4, in the configuration, electrolyte should supplement distilled water or special use of the fluid, drinking water can never use to replace. This is mainly because pure water contains many trace elements inside, bad impact on lithium battery will be. 5, daily drive the golf cart should often check lithium battery cover with holes for ventilation, if lithium battery cover holes blocked, the formation of hydrogen and oxygen emissions do not go out, when the expansion of the electrolyte lithium battery shell burst, would reduce the service life of lithium-ion batteries. Golf car lithium-ion batteries in charging time be sure to use the special charger, can't overcharge nor excessive discharge, in order to avoid damage of lithium battery, affect the service life of it. The news comes from:
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