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Generator battery classification and inspection methods

by:Vglory      2020-09-16
Diesel generator set used battery ( Known as the battery) Most are for lead-acid batteries, lead-acid battery use undeserved cause personnel injury or pollution to the environment. The current diesel generating sets of battery is divided into two kinds: one kind is open type, namely the new battery before use, need to increase the electrolyte, use after a period of time also increase in demand for liquid. The other is a free maintenance, exhaust type, late without charging. Open type lead-acid battery has increased the electrolyte and register for a long time did not use the battery, it is necessary to give the appropriate charge before use, to ensure that the battery has a capacity of satisfy. Generator of normal operation and charging, will cause some water in the battery will be transpiration, it's often demand survey battery scale line appearance of the above solutions, rehydration can see demand. Rehydration before, first need to sort out dirt around mouth filling, in order to avoid its falling into a battery, and then put the filling mouth open, for proper distilled water or pure water, for the battery plate calibration specifications, can't fill up, otherwise, the battery charge/discharge, the inside of the electrolyte will be poured out of the overflow of the filling mouth hole, can form to the human body, the object, the environment around the corrosion damage. Fully sealed and maintenance-free battery, no increase in demand, only demand survey battery symbol indicating the color change, standby diesel generator set battery charge, the timing of its protection can be equipped with floating charger. Pay attention to later period maintenance a few key points: 1, the open type battery can see water level in the normal position. Usually on the battery side there will be, the marking of the lower limit for you refer. Under the water level below the line is found, it is necessary to increase the distilled water. 2, fully sealed maintenance-free battery the battery outside with wet cloth to wipe clean, pile head ( Plus or minus two pole head) Dust, oil, white powder and other forms of leakage contamination with boiled water washed clean. So often wipe the battery, use will last longer. 3, check the battery when charging can be normal open type, pay special attention to the hydrogen is charging the battery happen, and therefore must not smoke when inspection, avoid the risk of burst into flames. 4, start the generators at least once a month, a single battery charge.
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