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Gel battery and lead acid battery which good?

by:Vglory      2020-09-22
Colloid lead-acid storage battery is the same as the ordinary lead-acid battery in performance, but the inside of the battery electrolyte is an emulsion coagulation state, is a liquid state, liquid state of ordinary lead-acid battery in use process need not add distilled water maintenance regularly, don't need to add distilled water of colloid maintenance ( As free maintenance) 。 Colloid lead-acid battery disadvantage is that the overload of great harm to charge and discharge, once the non-recoverable overload will cause the battery to charge and discharge, even scrapped, and ordinary lead-acid battery plate deformation caused by overload and sulfide can small current charging and discharging recovery ( Just can't restorable) 。 A, lead-acid battery electrode is mainly composed of lead and its oxide, the electrolyte is a battery of the sulfuric acid solution. English: Lead - acidbattery。 Discharge condition, the positive main ingredients for lead dioxide, negative main composition as the lead; Charging status, the main components are all lead sulfate is negative. Divided into exhaust type battery and maintenance-free lead-acid batteries. Characteristics 1, security seal in normal operation, the electrolyte will not leaking from the battery terminal or shell. 2, no special free acid absorption liquid partition keep acid, no free acid inside the battery, so the battery can be placed in any position. 3, frustrated system battery internal pressure beyond normal levels, VRLA ( 阀, RegulatedLeadAcidBattery is the abbreviation of 'valve control type sealed lead acid battery') Battery will blow off gas and automatically seals, guarantee no excess gas in the battery. 4, maintenance is simple because of the unique compound system makes the gas into water, in the process of using the battery does not need to add water. 5, long service life, adopted a corrosion resistant structure of lead calcium alloy column board, battery may use 10 - floating 15 years. 6, stable quality, high reliability using advanced production technology and strict quality control system, the battery quality is stable, reliable in performance. Voltage, capacity and seal online 100% inspection. Application scope of standby power 1, telecommunications, 2, 3, 4 electronic switching system, solar power system communication equipment, base station, PBX, CATV, WLL, ONU, STB, cordless phones, etc. 5, back-up power, UPS, ECR, computer backup system, sequence, etc6, emergency equipment, emergency lights, flashlights, theft alarm, fire alarm fire damper main power supply, communications equipment: 1 transceiver, power control locomotive: 2 cars, automatic truck, electric wheelchair, cleaning robot, electric cars and other 3 starter, machine tools, lawn mowers, hedgetrimmers, cordless electric drill, electric screwdriver, electric, etc. 4, 5 industrial equipment/devices, cameras, flash, VTR + / VCR, film lights, such as colloidal battery colloid lead-acid storage battery is the improvement of ordinary lead-acid battery liquid electrolyte, by substituting colloid electrolyte sulphuric acid electrolyte, in safety, storage capacity, discharge performance and service life, etc, the batteries have improved. Colloid lead-acid storage battery using gel electrolyte, inside there is no free fluid, electrolyte under the same volume large capacity, heat capacity, heat dissipation ability strong, can avoid battery are prone to thermal runaway phenomenon; The electrolyte concentration is low, weak corrosion effect of plate; Concentration is uniform, there is no electrolyte stratification. Working principle of the colloid lead-acid battery performance is superior to the control valve of sealed lead-acid batteries, colloid lead-acid battery has the use of stable performance, high reliability, long service life, temperature adaptability to the environment ( High and low temperature) Strong, bear long time discharge capacity, cycle discharge capacity, depth of discharge and large current discharge ability is strong, have to over charge and discharge protection, etc. The domestic colloid lead-acid battery for electric bicycle is by vacuum infusion in the lining of the AGM, the silica gel and sulphuric acid solution between irrigation to the battery positive and negative plate. Colloid lead-acid battery to oxygen cycle at the beginning of use, this is because the colloid has surrounded the positive and negative plate, positive plate of oxygen diffusion to the negative plate to the above, cannot be achieved with the active material of lead on the negative plate reduction, can only through the exhaust valve, consistent with rich liquid type battery. Colloid lead-acid batteries used for a period of time after colloid began to dry and shrinkage, cracks, oxygen oxygen cycle through the cracks directly to the negative plate. Exhaust valve no longer often open, colloid lead-acid battery is close to sealing work, little water loss. So for electric bicycle battery is main failure mechanism of water loss, the colloid lead-acid battery can obtain very good results. Gel electrolyte is through add gels to sulfuric acid in the electrolyte electrolyte solidified into colloidal substances, usually in the colloidal electrolyte with colloid stabilizer and compatibilizers, some gel formula with delay colloid solidification and retardant, so that the colloid filling. Performance characteristics, gas phase 1 high quality colloidal silicon dioxide, electrolyte uniform distribution, there is no acid stratification. 2, a gel electrolyte fixed state, no flow, no leakage, make the plate parts evenly. 3, the tight assembly technology, it has excellent high rate discharge performance. 4, the excessive electrolyte battery has a large heat capacity, heat dissipation ability, wide working temperature range. 5, all adopt the high purity of raw materials, is a very small battery self-discharge. 6, the gas recombination technology, the battery has a very high sealed reaction efficiency, no acid mist exhalation, safe environmental protection, no pollution. 7, the use of special design and high reliable sealing technology, ensure the battery sealing, the use of safe and reliable. Application scope: 1, communication system switch, microwave stations, mobile base station, data center, radio and radio stations. 2, power plants and power transmission and transformation system; 3, 4 solar and wind power system, signal system and emergency lighting system 5, EPS and UPS systems
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