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External battery is mobile power?

by:Vglory      2020-10-31
Mobile power is actually a collection of the charge and discharge of the power supply and charging equipment, which is equivalent to the function of the rechargeable batteries, baidu encyclopedia explanation is: mobile power supply is a collection of power supply and charging, which integrates a portable charger, can give mobile phones and other digital equipment charging anytime and anywhere or standby power supply. Generally by the lithium battery as energy storage unit. Mobile power mobile word, because must have mobility, therefore, mobile power supply are actually mobility, versatility and manufacturability three characteristics. Mobility: in fact is light in weight, this can make it in the meeting, tourism, long-term travel chargers for mobile condition, such as when you are not in the side can also give mobile electronic devices such as mobile phones, laptops, cameras and other charge. This requires the mobile power light, small and thin. Generality: this is determined by the different types of mobile power output interface, which requires a mobile power supply can match many kinds of USB interface, makes the interface is consistent with mobile electronic and digital equipment. Perfect craft: requirements. Extra batteries outstanding external word, that with the mobile electronics and the way of the combination of digital devices, it is the outside battery equipment. In fact, people say 'mobile power supply is standard, because the mobile power supply including lithium-ion batteries, not only include shell, transfer line, etc, it can be said that the battery is only part of it. But in practical application, due to the use of mobile power supply method and lithium battery, also has the function of charging and discharging, and realize its function is mobile power supply inside the battery. In other words, the battery is the core of the mobile power supply components. So we can understand, mobile power supply is relative to the battery equipment external battery, so people cried, and mobile power supply in the lithium battery and relative to the mobile power supply can be called a built-in battery. For the built-in lithium battery can be divided into liquid lithium ion battery and lithium ion battery, while the latter is the development direction.
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