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Explain the life of electric car battery

by:Vglory      2021-04-21
Different types of batteries will have different conclusions, and secondly, they are also affected by the battery charging method and the number of cycles of charging and discharging. For example, once the battery of an electric car reaches an efficiency level below 80%, it cannot be used in the transportation system because its efficiency cannot handle the power output required by the car. You must replace it with a new battery. That being said, these batteries are not at the end of their lives. They will also be used as electrical energy storage media in other places. These second and third spring batteries can effectively reduce battery waste and pollution. Before entering the recycling plant for effective treatment. How can we extend the life of the battery pack? So far, the Ni-MH battery on the Toyota Prius produced in 2016 can guarantee a five-year life of 100,000 kilometers. On average, the new generation of lithium-ion batteries installed in most cars can guarantee an 8-year service life, but these data will vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, ranging from a minimum of 100,000 kilometers to a maximum of 300,000 kilometers. Price is also very important. The price of a single battery is similar to that of a car, which means that the life of an electric car is equal to the life of the battery. No one is willing to spend money that may be more expensive than the original car to replace a battery. Another issue that cannot be underestimated is how we use electric vehicles. The number of charging and discharging cycles directly determines the life span, and the use of fast charging will also make the battery retire early. In fact, car batteries are similar to mobile phone batteries, so we can see some clues in our daily usage habits through mobile phones. These batteries usually decay steadily a little bit, but they tend to decay quickly after a time or threshold is pressed. This means that excessive charging and discharging cycles and continuous use of fast charging will cause the battery to decay prematurely to an unbearable point. Similarly, each charge is fully charged and fully discharged will cause attenuation. In short, our suggestion is that we should follow the manufacturer’s recommendations to use fast charging devices as little as possible, do not fully charge the battery, and do not charge the battery until it is almost empty. Disclaimer: Articles published on this site The pictures and content are from the Internet. If there is any infringement, please contact to delete the previous article: What is the purpose of using copper foil for the negative electrode of lithium ion battery and aluminum foil for the positive electrode
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