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Experts tell you the correct way of using the lithium battery - — Rechargeable batteries have a best?

by:Vglory      2020-10-28
Experts tell you the correct way of using the lithium battery rechargeable batteries have a best? One theory is that rechargeable batteries used properly, will be in a certain period of circulation in the best state, is the largest capacity. This will divide the situation, sealed nickel metal hydride batteries and nickel-cadmium batteries, if used properly, Such as regular maintenance, prevent the formation of memory effect and the cumulative) , general meeting at 100 ~ 200 cycles to achieve its maximum capacity, such as the production capacity of 1000 mah ni-mh battery after a 120 - cycle, its capacity could reach 1100 mah. Almost all of the Japan nimh battery manufacturers in the technical specification describes the cycle of nickel-based batteries features I can see the description on the drawing. U nickel-based batteries are best, generally between 100 ~ 200 cycles to reach its maximum capacity for liquid lithium ion battery, but there is no such a cycle capacity hump phenomenon, from the lithium ion battery factory until finally dead batteries, the capacity of the performance is to use a little at a time. I do in cycle performance of lithium ion battery has never seen a capacity for signs of recovery. Taken the lithium ion battery not best. It is worth mentioning that the lithium ion battery are more susceptible to the change of environmental temperature and different performance, in the ambient temperature of 25 ~ 40 degrees will show their best performance, and low or high temperature state, his performance was a big discount. To make your lithium-ion battery fully demonstrate its capacity, must be careful attention to use the environment, to prevent the phenomenon of high and low temperature, electric lithium battery normal temperature can be controlled in 10 degrees to 60 degrees below zero. Such as mobile phone in the car on the front desk of the midday sun point-blank can easily make its more than 60 degrees, the users in the north of the battery standby time, the same network circumstances, there is no user in the south long.
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