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Experts tell you the correct way of using the lithium battery - — Battery capacity is higher, the better?

by:Vglory      2020-10-29
Different models ( Especially the different volume) Battery, his capacity is higher, use the longer. Regardless of the volume and weight factors, of course, the higher capacity, the better. But the same battery model and nominal capacity ( For example, 600 mah) Also is same, the actual measurement of initial capacity is different: for example, a 660 mah, the other one is 605 mah, then 660 mah is better than 605 mah? Actual situation may be because the electrode materials of high capacity of more than the increase of the initial capacity, and reduce the electrode is stable, the result is recycled after dozens of times, high capacity battery capacity failure quickly, and the low battery capacity is still strong. Many domestic batteries manufacturers often in this way to obtain the high capacity battery. And users to use half a year after the standby time is so poor. Those AA nimh batteries (civil Is the 5th battery) , generally is 1400 mah, but also has the ultra high capacity ( 1600mAh) Truth is the same. Improve capacity cost is the cycle of life, manufacturers are not in the battery material modification and articles, it is impossible to truly 'improve' battery capacity. Lithium-ion batteries, professional production, custom, wholesale electric lithium battery, ten years of accumulation, 5 years experience, three years to build, quality guaranteed. Telephone: details please consult the online customer service, counseling.
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