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by:Vglory      2020-06-11
The future, they say is the wind and electric cars. In fact there is one electric car company just starting up that is inviting investers to climb on board. EV Innovations, Inc is a world leader in the development of emission-free propulsion systems, using the latest lithium battery technology. With lucrative government contracts, actual vehicles already in production and a 'Buy' rating from independent analyst. Beacon Equity Research says investor's everywhere are getting in on this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. The company says there is six reasons to buy shares of EVII now! (1) Electric Vehicles are the wave of the future! We all know that is true. Scientists, analysts and automotive executives tell us every day that rising fuel costs and environmental concerns will cause sales of hybrid and electric cars, trucks and motorcycles to skyrocket. (2) Government incentives and Tax Credits. The government has made it clear that they will provide incentives and tax credits to those who buy products and services that employ alternative energy sources. This in turn drives sales to those markets. (3) Electric Cars will protect the environment. EVII's Lithium battery-powered vehicles emit zero emissions - no greenhouse gases whatsoever. (4) EVII has the edge when it comes to battery-powered vehicles. EVII has the experence, knowledge and proprietary technology and products necessary to burst out ahead of the pack when fully electric vehicles begin to take off big-time! (5) EVII has the technology and the products to become the leader in the worldwide electric car market. The company's Lithium battery-powered cars can reach speeds up to 80mph. (6) Electric Vehicles are greener than Ethanol or Biofuels. EVII does not contribute to higher food prices in our grocery stores or looming food shortages that we currently see on the news, which is due to the use of corn and soybean oil for a fuel that is burned rather than used as food for the population. If you think electric cars might be a good investment idea qualified individuals are wanted to participate in their distributor dealership programs. You can find out more about EVII and their electric cars at their website . You can also contact them by phone at 1-877-274-6236. Call now to secure your preferred territory and become a member of their exciting new program.
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