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Every civilization relies on energy sources to

by:Vglory      2020-06-21
The sun is not only a source of light; it is also crucial for all living creatures because it gives warmth and energy vital for various biological functions. Solar energy is converted into electricity with photovoltaic solar panels lined with solar cells that receive and convert the sun's rays into energy. The photovoltaic effect was discovered by Alexandre-Edmond Becquerel who discovered the physical process of converting sunlight into electricity. Meanwhile, William Grylls Adams in 1876 found a way to generate electric currents by exposing selenium to light. Solar energy is considered a green energy source because it can be harnessed with little or no pollution. All you need is a photovoltaic system comprised of an array of solar panels, an inverter, interconnection wiring, and a battery. Together, they store energy in batteries that can be tapped for a number of uses. People today are becoming conscious about their impact to the environment and look for ways to achieve green living practices. This modern movement espouses reduced and wiser consumption of natural resources. Also known as sustainable living, it is a lifestyle that reduces one's carbon footprint by modifying transportation methods, energy consumption, and diet. Homeowners who wish to make their homes sustainable and energy efficient have begun shifting to eco-friendly energy solutions to power home utilities and HVAC systems. Solar roofs are now being built on more houses to provide energy greater than solar panels. Sunny California is one of the perfect places to build solar roofs that can be provided by a Lafayette roofing company. Solar roofs are also considered viable alternatives to regular roofing. Some photovoltaic panels installed by a solar company California residents trust produces energy that can meet 100 percent of a home's annual electric needs. Aside from sustainable solar energy, the solar panels provide added protection for your home against adverse weather conditions. The best solar companies in California can provide sturdy and quality roofing systems that meet the needs of every sustainable home. A solar roof lets you give back to Mother Nature and help reverse the effects of global warming in your own little way. You can read more about solar panels and solar roofing technology at and
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