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Ev lead-acid battery plate lead acidification performance which aspects?

by:Vglory      2020-09-21
Electric vehicle battery is one of the lead acid battery types, generally after a 600 - cycle, can produce sulfide signs, plate sulphates is common battery failure, many battery failure is due to the fault occurred. Plate sulphates main show is: charging voltage rise quickly, premature product gas, temperature rise quickly, when the discharge voltage drop quickly, small capacity. Electric vehicle battery irreversibly sulphates, should according to the seriousness of his degree to repair. Salinization is light person, on the average activation charge ( The equalizing charge) , you can return to normal. Specific methods are as follows: constant voltage charging current limiting: the first stage 0. 18 c2a charging to 2. 7 v / 12 - the single charge 24 hours. Constant current power first stage: 0. 18 c2a charging to 2. 4 v/a single case, the second stage: 0. 05 c2a charging 5 - 12 hours. Salinization JiaoChongZhe, need to be 'water treatment' to charge and discharge, to return to normal. Specific means is: to battery first fill in pure water or density of 1. 5 g/cm3 dilute sulphuric acid to the rich fluid state, to 0. 05 - 0. 018 c2a charging current 20 hours or so, exhaust the liquid flow, capacity test again. The above operation repeatedly, until the battery capacity recovery. The difficulty is a lack of access to original source of this method of discharge curve, and different curve discrete larger battery.
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