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EV Battery Tech uses artificial intelligence methods to develop battery management technology

by:Vglory      2021-05-05
For electric vehicles and renewable energy, batteries are essential, but both industries are limited by battery storage performance. According to foreign media reports, ExtremeVehicleBatteryTechnologiesCorp.'s battery management system has made significant progress in battery storage, and can even revitalize used batteries. The company’s CEO Bryson Goodwin said: “As we know, the world has undergone major revolutionary changes. However, we are still far from reaching the required level to make batteries for electric vehicles, remote communities, office buildings, smart grids and other applications. Alternative energy sources.” The company set out to change this and began to analyze different technologies. Goodwin said: 'We have discovered a technology developed by RichPower. The company integrates a large amount of battery data, develops an algorithm based on artificial intelligence (AI), and uses machine learning technology to remotely manage and significantly extend any The life of the battery system.' EVBatteryTech pointed out that RichPower has developed a 'smart' battery management system (BMS) through artificial intelligence. The system 'learns and optimizes based on user behavior, thereby significantly improving energy saving and efficiency. Its artificial intelligence algorithm can specifically predict future failures and provide more stable operation and remote maintenance for the battery system.' The system uses artificial intelligence to pass Automatically isolate problem cells and rewire them to optimize battery performance. RichPower owns more than 70 technical patents, and there are more currently in the process of applying. Goodwin said: 'This battery management system makes the battery more efficient and battery readings are more accurate. Therefore, you can monitor in real time, you can also predict battery performance more accurately, and even maintain these batteries remotely.' Goodwin believes that the battery The management system may lead the trend of the future. 'Batteries will become more efficient, more reliable, and have longer battery life. The system is based on artificial intelligence. In the future, by continuing to collect more data in real time, it will continue to carry out machine learning and develop more innovative batteries.' EVBatteryTech has learned from RichPower The company has obtained a license for this technology and has exclusive rights to operate in North America, South America, Europe and Africa. They will focus on the two fields of electric vehicles and battery energy storage systems; RichPower will focus on the Asian market, and its customers include Huawei, etc. Famous enterprises. The battery management system can even recycle and reuse used batteries, because it can 'execute a proprietary rapid test program to quickly and thoroughly analyze the used batteries. Through the use of artificial intelligence-based proprietary technology, data input and analysis, The company can then decide whether to refurbish the batteries 100% or re-use these batteries when processing battery energy storage systems in the future. 'This will help solve the ecological problems caused by electronic waste. Disclaimer: Some pictures and content of articles published on this site are from the Internet. If there is any infringement, please contact to delete.
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