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Environmental attack, lead acid lithium battery 'revolution'

by:Vglory      2020-09-01
Lithium battery forklift belongs to a kind of lithium-ion batteries used in lead-acid lead prices higher this year, directly affect the numerous lithium battery forklift manufacturer delivery problems, many factories could not buy lead, lead to orders did not dare to pick up, the arrival of the big order of environmental protection, each province can be reflected in our country, shut many forklift battery manufacturers, the market supply and demand imbalance, small make up to know, actually lead the lithium battery is refers to the electrode made of lead and its oxide electrolyte is a lithium battery of the sulfuric acid solution. China is lead lithium battery production country, accounts for about half the world's lead, lithium batteries made in China. With the widely application of the lead, lithium batteries, various types of lead pollution lithium-ion batteries will follow. But as early as 2010 at the end of a lead, lithium battery industry conference have experts point out that, due to the continuous improvement of technical level and industrial equipment, lead the lead pollution in the process of producing lithium battery can be effectively controlled. In America, for example, the amount of lead lead acid lithium battery forklift account for more than 95% of its total lead, but the lead emissions caused by only one of its total emissions. 5%. According to the statistics of the United States, lead lead pollution produced by the lithium battery industry has been far less aviation industry, steel and boiler heating, power generation and other industries. Lead the lithium battery has won't produce in the process of using lead pollution, and manufacturing control of lead pollution is also can be done. In 2008, the United States government has lead lithium battery production out of main lead pollution sources. 'In fact, lead the lithium battery industry pollution is controlled, also is not to be eliminated. 'According to yao to spring, U. S. President barack Obama announced, with $2. 4 billion to support 48 projects, for the next generation of batteries and the development and production of electric cars, which included $66. 8 million to support the lead lithium battery project. It seems that currently there is no an other battery can completely replace the lead lithium battery in the economy and efficiency. Lithium-ion battery production technology in China, lead is close to the advanced world level, lead battery itself does not pollute the environment, but the lithium battery production and recycling process of lead pollution control was not well done. Rather than lead the lithium-ion batteries, management problems, playing board don't wrong. In lead-acid pollution from the production of lithium-ion batteries are mainly concentrated in the coated board, battery cleaning process to produce heavy metal wastewater containing lead, in the plate grid casting, alloy preparation, such as lead parts and lead powder manufacturing process to produce a variety of lead smoke and lead dust.
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