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Engine configuration and the effect of diesel electric start-up battery

by:Vglory      2020-09-18
Diesel electric cars, rely on diesel, auxiliary startup battery as the electric engine starting, the battery output current is very big, in the general case for a - 150 200 a, in the low temperature ( - - - - - - 10℃) Startup of the output current up to 250 - a 300A。 If the battery charge capacity and engine don't match, small capacity battery charge, is in the starting resistance is big, the small charge capacity of battery discharge in severe cases, is bound to accelerate active material per unit time and the reaction of sulfuric acid, make the battery temperature rise, plate bending due to overload, resulting in active substances in clumps, plate early damage and greatly shorten the battery life. If the battery charge capacity is big, although not happen this problem, but we can not make full use of the active substance, make the battery economy. So the battery charge capacity, must match the engine. Usually charge battery capacity of choice, should according to the starter motor power, voltage and the load of the electric equipment, diesel electric vehicle are commonly 80 100 ah, ah, ah 120, add water and maintenance free, diesel electric vehicle charging current is relatively large, generally less known and inferior brand battery is difficult to satisfy the use requirement, we suggest that the configuration of unified brand water electric vehicle batteries, relative plate thicker.
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