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Energy storage lithium battery how to implement remote power supply ability

by:Vglory      2020-08-21
Energy storage of lithium battery power supply mainly for solar energy, power, UPS, electric control cabinet, etc. , can implement emergency stockpile, at the time of power can provide host power supply. How to implement the remote monitoring, it is necessary to monitor a lot of preparation work, different from the drawing lithium battery forklift, though, are used for deep cycle discharge energy storage time is not long, however, should make the system effective implementation of the lithium battery of the remote network power supply capability evaluation, let the testing work capacity of lithium-ion batteries don't have to in to the site for the relevant operation, power supply power supply by remote control can be corresponding to complete, in the process of test, the test system can more accurately determine the entire group of lithium battery in the last group of monomer battery, the battery maintenance staff ruled out the fault and hidden danger existing in the lithium battery, effective on the site of the security and stability of the power supply equipment provides the security, through the system, can be more accurate to each site battery power to control the length of time, as the site power outages in condition of oil machine scheduling to provide a more accurate and the reliability of the data in accordance with the. By the corresponding load to implementation of lithium battery remote power supply capability evaluation under the traditional form of battery capacity test ways, main is to use professional testing facilities, the battery has in chemical energy into the heat energy equipment and the effective calculation, so as to achieve the purpose of assessing actual capacity lithium battery. This way the main has the following several aspects of flaw: ( 1) Has certain risks and potential safety hazard, and need to test staff across the artificial guarded. ( 2) Open circuit of the power supply facilities is relatively complicated, and in the process of testing usually go through a few hours, not only cost a lot of manpower and time, and makes the actual work efficiency is relatively low. ( 3) To fully grasp the lithium battery inside the station equipment power supply for a long time, but also in accordance with the site in charge load conditions are needed to implement effective conversion, but the actual load of the site is according to the real-time change of rate of load application in the process of conversion can cause larger error. Power lithium batteries of the remote power supply test system, by simulating the real site real power, directly through the site of the actual load condition to implement test the battery power supply capacity, and the test data in the process of implementing effective records, the duration of battery power and the electrical load flow per minute, through the calculation of current capacity to implement, not only into the battery power supply time to release the power capacity. Current lithium batteries when in floating condition, its fundamental voltage is not any change, a lot of battery in floating condition, its itself also and there is little difference between normal battery voltage, the status of evaluation work on lithium battery itself has brought great difficulty. Remote power supply system by means of remote power test, causing the battery can keep always discharge state, the records can be obtained in the whole process of the test battery change data, which can effectively trends in the dynamic transformation of lithium batteries, and from the entire group of lithium battery accurately find the backward of lithium battery, for the maintenance of lithium-ion batteries provide the corresponding guidance. Source: the lithium battery forklift truck; Please keep the source! Reproduced in the form of links, please indicate the address: newshow. asp吗? nid=710& lid=83
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