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Energy storage industry close to critical point lithium electricity industry will welcome the tuyere

by:Vglory      2020-10-28
Recently, the national energy bureau issued 'about promoting the electric energy storage to participate in' three north 'area of power auxiliary service compensation ( Market) Notice of the pilot mechanism countries regulation [ 2016] No. 164, the first established the status of electrical energy storage as an independent market main body, has been clear about the load of electrical energy storage in FM auxiliary service market. Analysts pointed out that the outbreak of the energy storage industry is close to critical point, the outbreak of the fuse may be further breakthrough of technology, may also be specific subsidies policy fall to the ground. In fact, since 2015, the country developed a number of policy support the development of the energy storage. The new policy will be sent to you by the perfection of compensation mechanism of ancillary services market, promoting the development of energy storage industry commercialization sped up. A, energy storage commercial development to promote power lithium battery industry in the development of new opportunities for energy storage technology is the future energy structure transformation and the way of electric power production, consumption of change strategic support. In energy storage technology development and commercialization trends, driven by power lithium-ion battery as one of the leading role of new energy industry will usher in the development of new opportunities. At present, the high costs restricted the energy storage industry development, the market for energy storage industry policy subsidies expectations high, in the medium to long term lithium-ion battery industry is expected to rise. After the SMW power said the company has complete battery business layout, its advanced battery technology makes energy storage cost is effectively reduced, broken the shackles of energy storage industry development and at the same time the company with energy storage projects as entrance layout comprehensive energy services, future prospects. SMW power lead carbon battery energy storage technology is the result of well-known lead-acid battery technology. Lead-acid battery compared to other battery technologies, with the advantages of low cost. Modified for lead-acid battery lead batteries, the carbon cycle life. Under 50% depth of discharge, the SMW lead carbon cycle life of battery reaches 6000 times, and the lead-acid battery was only about 1500 times. Lead the carbon battery put a KWH cost has been reduced to 0. 3 yuan, the energy storage system KWH cost in 0. 5 yuan. Peak valley price greater than zero. 75 yuan, the commercial operation of the energy storage power station can be independent. Second, the energy storage scale development will promote the lithium battery industry chain extension and integration with the development of new energy and mass grid, all countries in the world in combining with the characteristics of local power grid planning and construction of smart grid, through a comprehensive renovation of the existing power system, build into efficient and self-healing, economy, compatibility, integration, and security for the next generation of power grid. Energy storage industry in the direction of large-scale development, energy storage industry scale production is closely connected with capital, market, etc. According to the report, in order to better implement the national strategy, aggregation of social capital, promoting industrial development, financial innovation support service entity, planning and industrial chain, such as China's energy research institute and the China council for the promotion of developmental financial in the National Development and Reform Commission, the National Energy Administration, under the guidance of the national development bank, signed a strategic cooperation agreement, set up to promote the energy industry including energy industry funds, become capital docking platform, support entities. Develop large-scale energy storage will promote the lithium battery industry chain extension and integration, prompting power lithium battery industry in the middle and lower reaches and capital docking, keep pace with the market, achieve win-win cooperation. Three, the development of energy storage will promote lithium electricity enterprises to accelerate the industry layout in the provisions of the original, auxiliary service refers to the grid power plants to provide ancillary services, the provider of the ancillary services including AGC FM limited to grid power plant, energy storage as a non-traditional power equipment has not won the market main body status. Rectification names, view the tea you know that no market position of the hard times, has seriously restricted the development of energy storage. In order to solve this problem, 'notice' clearly, the power generation side of the construction of the electrical energy storage facilities, 'but with joint participation peakload FM, or as an independent subject participate in ancillary services market transactions'; User side of the construction of the electrical energy storage facilities, 'can be used as an independent market main body and associated with power generation enterprises to participate in FM, depth of peak shaving and start-stop peak shaving and other auxiliary services'. This means that the power generation side and user side, energy storage have been independent market position. Under the influence of the energy storage industrial independence, power lithium battery industry to accelerate the industrial development layout. The lion technology and dingbian county signed a framework agreement, the next three years, the lion technology will invest in dingbian county 53. 700 million yuan, the construction, including photovoltaic power stations, wind power, energy storage power station, the energy storage demonstration bases, the core is two phase of the total 510 MWH of energy storage power station. Sun power to sign the agreement with samsung SDI company, established the samsung sunlight energy storage battery co. , LTD. , samsung and sunshine energy storage power co. , LTD. , two joint venture companies. Production line imported from South Korea's samsung sunshine, is responsible for the production of lithium-ion energy storage battery pack, samsung SDI account for 65% of the shares, the sunlight power accounted for 35%; Sunshine samsung two-way converter is responsible for the production of energy storage and energy storage system integration, sun power supply 65% of the shares, samsung SDI account for 35% of the shares. Secco electronic choose joint venture was established with LG chem, lu lu electronic account for 70% of the shares, LG chem account for 30% of the shares, the joint venture company main business for the energy storage battery production, sales, issue the production capacity of the battery pack is 400 MWH, mass production is expected to early 2017. TV university institute of data analysis, according to the lithium storage industry development in critical point, or become the new energy automotive industry after another in the development of lithium battery development breaking point, in 2018, is expected to breaking point. Data research based on lithium radio and TV university, in 2015 China's energy storage lithium battery market size is 8. 6 billion yuan, with the increase of policy support, factors such as technology advances and new energy power increase, is expected to be the size of the market in 2020 is expected to exceed 60 billion yuan. Lithium battery, storage battery manufacturer, the product by the supervision and inspection institute of guangdong province, through international CE certification, the national group by China ping an insurance company, a two-year warranty, the first in the New Year. For details, please consult the online customer service, or call, the free phone service.
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