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Energy storage blockbuster policy - the ground Lead carbon battery and lithium battery

by:Vglory      2020-10-30
Issued by the National Energy Administration on June 7, 'about promoting the electric energy storage to participate in' three north 'area of power auxiliary service compensation ( Market) Notice of the pilot mechanism ( Youngsters who regulation [ 2016] No. 164) , the file is in March this year energy bureau market supervision to draft the National Energy Administration of electricity load of energy storage to participate in the 'three north' area auxiliary service notice ( Draft) 'Eventually fall to the ground version, the file is first substantial support policy for energy storage industry this year, a time more than expected, and the content is more detailed than draft, perfect, encourage wider application range. Comment 1. File has been clear about the electric energy storage facilities to participate in the subject status of the ancillary services market and electricity power compensation/settlement mechanism, to accelerate the domestic various types of commercial energy storage application market launch is of great significance; The policy of the biggest highlights of the 'notice' is clear about the electric energy storage facilities of the independent market main body status, policy regulation: both in the construction of electricity generation side and user side electric energy storage facilities, all can be used as the independent market main body, or associated with power generation company, engaging in auxiliary service market transactions such as load frequency control. ( To this point in the march did not explicitly put forward of the draft) In addition, the 'notice' also made clear: in the power generation side of the construction of the electrical energy storage facilities' discharge capacity is equivalent to power plant generating capacity, according to the power plant related to the contract price settlement '. The terms and conditions for wind power, photovoltaic power station configuration energy storage facilities to improve power brownouts provides clear rules and regulations. In the user side of the construction of the electrical energy storage facilities' charge capacity both executable directory of electricity, can also be involved in electric power directly deal to buy low power, discharge capacity is for private use, also can be regarded as a distributed power supply to the user of electric power to the nearest sale '. Energy storage in addition to internal users side peak valley price arbitrage, have more improve utilization rate, reduce the payback period of investment pattern of business applications. 2. Policies in the context of 'electrical change, confirm we repeatedly proposed' degree of marketization of electric power will open the huge energy storage market 'point of view: according to the experience of the foreign country, the higher the degree of marketization of electric power, energy storage facilities business model is the more, the greater the potential market, the 'notice' within the energy bureau for advice is less than 3 months is the official launch, on the one hand, reflects the change electric propulsion rate than expected, on the other hand also confirms we have been emphasized point: electric change and energy in our country Internet sparked by the advance of the construction of the' new 'investment demand, there will be a large percentage fall on the construction of electric energy storage facilities. 3. Carbon battery and lithium battery energy storage system on lead in power auxiliary service market application of explosive growth: in the current optional electric energy storage technology, we are most bullish on the lowest cost of lead carbon battery energy storage unit investment 1200 yuan/kWh and 0. 5 yuan/kWh charge and discharge kWh cost makes it profitable in many applications don't use any subsidies. Simple for electricity price arbitrage is calculated to industrial and commercial users, when peak valley price difference greater than zero. 8 yuan/kWh, not leveraged investment payback period can be as low as 5 years, if considering the capacity of the fee and participate in demand response saving the extra income gained by the electric power service auxiliary, the payback period will be shorter. Lithium-ion battery energy storage despite the cost is significantly higher than lead carbon, but because of the advantages of high energy density and high rate charge and discharge capacity, in some applications, such as the need to high rate charge and discharge of 'levels seconds/minutes of FM services', or more sensitive to equipment covers an area of commercial/residential energy storage market, still has irreplaceable advantages. Lithium battery, storage battery manufacturer, the product by the supervision and inspection institute of guangdong province, through international CE certification, the national group by China ping an insurance company, a two-year warranty, the first in the New Year. For details, please consult the online customer service, or call, the free phone service.
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