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Electricity, bring lithium battery forklift leap

by:Vglory      2020-09-08
Electric company, with the rapid development of modern logistics, express delivery industry, demand for electric forklift truck is bigger, electricity, warehousing, distribution section must demand, environmental protection energy forklift, on this starting point, can bring lithium battery forklift environmental protection new energy a jump, huge market prospects, especially for the concept of time is strong logistics industry, e-commerce, delivery speed, in each link all can affect the actual trade items, electric forklifts, were attained renown for its zero discharge of tail gas, but more is work up the benefits of energy conservation, to save transportation cost in logistics, electricity companies, and mute, for express sorting warehouse staff, quiet working environment can bring more big power, lithium battery forklift basic service life can reach more than 3 years, this three years, if use diesel forklift, fuel cost is very high, the maintenance frequency, now into the 21st century, e-commerce electricity, actual drive not only the lithium battery forklift, there are more almost drive up the industry connection. News source
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