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Electric vehicles using and maintenance of lithium battery

by:Vglory      2020-10-30
1, tire pressure of the tire pressure whether enough is has a great influence on electric vehicle driving, if the tyre gas is insufficient, can increase the resistance of electric car forward, all be consume electricity co. , LTD. 2, avoid zero start so-called zero start directly start is resting, the great damage to battery and click start way. The best human help on before you start, then add power to accelerate. 3, riding electric cars more poor road or a hill in the road, electricity will increase. Start, uphill, weight, match with human help on cycling, can protect the battery, prolong life, also can choose the large capacity lithium battery, when buy more long battery life. 4, rain while lithium-ion batteries have good waterproof performance, shop through the pool, water, should pay attention to wading depth, not higher than prevent the battery, prevent the battery into the water. Don't rinse with water cannon directly on the battery, in order to avoid the battery into the water. 5, the brakes frequently brake must accompany the frequent start, frequent high discharge current, power batteries, the life will have a tremendous negative impact. Six, temperature, environment temperature also has certain influence to the battery, the winter temperature is low, the battery will be filled with, put up wait for a symptom, cause the range reduced. Temperature will be back to normal after recovery. 7, rechargeable lithium rechargeable right habits can make the battery life greatly increase, excessive charging and discharging will be serious damage to the battery, the battery discharge capacity is 60% 80% when the charge is reasonable.
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