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Electric vehicles should be how to properly charge electric charge it into electricity

by:Vglory      2020-10-28
Electric cars charge up how to correct? How should 1, electric charge correctly? Should grasp two main principles: one is shallower frequently charge. The second is not overcharge. 2, why do you want to light put frequently charge? Lead sulfate are formed when the battery discharge, charging to lead sulfate reduction into sulfuric acid and lead. If the depth of discharge or charge not in time, can't lead sulfate reduction, causes the plate vulcanizing. So, should be ride every day, every day, filling depth of discharge. 3, charging time cannot too long what's the harm? Charging time is too long to over-consumption of the moisture inside the battery, accelerate vulcanization process of plate, the battery capacity decline gradually, for lack of water until the battery charger drum, scrap. 4, how to grasp the correct charging time? The correct charging time for; Green light for floating again after 12 hours, and then cut off power supply. Electric car charger didn't overcharge protection function, while the green light, but unable to cut off the power supply, battery actually continued charging, continue to break down the moisture inside the battery, and evaporation. The 'full of not filling is no scientific reason. 5, what is the main cause of battery short-lived? Charging and charging time is too long not in time is the main cause of battery short-lived. Electric car chargers, electric charge it into electricity? 1, fault phenomenon (1) check whether the circuit connection is first contact in good condition, check carefully whether the socket and plug 'lighter' burning arc phenomenon, have without break line damage, etc. (2) check the charger is damaged, the charging parameters conform to requirements: the initial charging current reaches 1. 6 - 2. 5 a/only; Charging voltage up to 14. 8 - 14. 9 v/only, charging float charging current reaches 0. 3 - 0. 4 a/only, float charging voltage to 14. 0 - 14. 4 v/a. Phenomenon of (3) to see if there are any more dry inside the battery, the battery is short of liquid. (4) should also check the plate presence of sulfide. Plate of irreversible sulfate, can through the QN - - Preliminary judgment (1000 General discharge detection under 6 v) Then use detector test capacity, discharge time reach regulation capacity of 50% of the general is irreversible sulfate. In addition, when charging, the battery voltage rise so fast, some particularly high single cell voltage, beyond normal many; When discharge voltage drop so fast, don't have any electricity or save electricity few battery. Batteries in appear the above situation, can judge the irreversible sulfate. 2, fault inspection and handling of each part of the circuit connection is firm, the charger is not normal must be replaced. Dry cell battery should be pulse adding water to repair. Group should be controlled with three battery voltage 13 in all. More than 4 v/just as well. If the battery voltage difference between more than 0. 3 v, can appear, in use process to continue for not synchronous sulfide is produced. So it is important to pay special attention to repair after the battery with a set of questions ( Especially in the case of user power battery) Need to replace must be replaced! Electric vehicle charging for how long? Electric vehicle battery 1, buy a car (common sense Or replace the battery) After the battery should be about 80% of electricity, should be charged as soon as I get home, time is a charger light changes after 4 hours advisable, this to three times. 2, after every day, Ridden a 10 km 36 v, 48 v ridden a 15 km) To adhere to the charge, but the charging time not too long, with an hour after the charger light changes advisable. Charging owe some, rather than not to overcharge, otherwise the battery will be charged because of lack of water, bulge, swollen up. Cause damage to the battery cannot remedy. 3, don't let the water into the battery box, to cause the internal battery umc. 4, regularly once a month completely discharge ( Ride to the light glows under voltage) And then charging 12 hours continuously. 5, conditional on the monomer in the whole group batteries for, across the warranty battery ( Especially in summer) , each of the three, four months to each monomer added 3 - battery 4 ml of deionized water ( Wahaha purified water can also be used) 。 6, if they do not have the charger turns green or a charge turned green, be sure to check whether there is something wrong with the charger, or water loss. 7, the battery discharge port and charge for the whole mouth to keep clean, prevent contact point from the rust, caused by poor contact overheating and damage. 8, a foot as far as possible starting with the feet, don't be too big load, speed up smoothly. Don't get in to the electric starter. A set of battery in charging and right under the condition of normal maintenance, can use more than 5 years. Many users in the new 12 years, mainly caused by charging improperly, therefore, to master the correct charging method is very important. Remember the battery is not using bad, but bad.
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