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Electric vehicles can be used for energy storage battery dc?

by:Vglory      2020-09-20
Electric car batteries is to use lead-acid batteries, which are widely used all kinds of mining equipment, industrial equipment, electric vehicles and other places, here it is pointed out that can be used as ac dc supply? Used as energy storage communication mobile station, the answer is no, energy storage battery is commonly 10 hr and maintenance-free battery, the formula is different, electric car batteries is deep cycle battery, need large current charging and discharging, storage battery is an important part of substation dc system, when the normal operation of the battery is in floating charge standby state, when the ac power loss of electricity, the battery supply power to accidental load quickly. At present, most of them adopt dc power supply is the valve control type sealed maintenance-free lead-acid batteries. Due to the working principle of the operation personnel of maintenance free storage battery insufficient understanding, comprehensive understanding of the inspection maintenance knowledge, the existence of the phenomenon of management and maintenance of the battery does not reach the designated position, leading to premature battery electrolyte leakage, capacity decline, the problem such as uneven voltage of the battery, shorten the service life of the battery.
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