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Electric vehicle battery quick charging

by:Vglory      2020-09-18
In many cases, users to speed up the working efficiency of the electric vehicle battery and increase the charging current, charging machine that can directly reduce the charging time and improve the utilization rate of the battery, but it is not, it brings the opposite effect, battery charging process, large current although sped up the charging time, but is have a great influence to the life of the battery, because the battery life is not consistent, observed in our experiment, even from production line for making a batch of battery at the same time, its cycle life can vary even 1 times; Moreover, in the process of the life test for a long period of time, it is difficult to ensure that each batch of battery test conditions. Although generally think the large current charging will shorten the battery life, but are reported in the literature with proper cooling conditions, cycle life of valve control type sealed lead-acid battery was improved by large current charging. Our test showed that while maintaining the battery voltage is lower than the gas analysis, under the condition of big current fast charge does not bring adverse effect on battery life. In use process, every time you don't have to charge to 100% of the rated capacity, but every other week, Had better not exceed half a month) Battery should be enough electricity. Especially when not to use electric cars, after more sufficient battery shall be saved. That will help extend the service life of the battery. Electric vehicle battery quick charging impossible assignment, this will affect the circulation ability. Battery ohm internal resistance is large current charging battery voltage rise caused by the main factors; Must improve the structure of battery internal resistance can meet the requirements of electric vehicles for battery fast charge, adopts pulse charging and intelligent charging device, is beneficial to reduce the concentration polarization, improve charging efficiency; Shenzhen company specialized research and development and production of the electric vehicle charging machine, electric vehicle battery, accumulated a lot of successful cases.
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