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Electric vehicle battery positive plate to improve conditions

by:Vglory      2020-09-17
Main storage electric vehicle battery current is derived from the positive plate, learn in the direction of the positive plate of the battery life, the respect such as energy storage and discharge information, main as electric electric traction, electric vehicle batteries positive plate formula ingredients is critical, a slight error, subsequent life inevitably have a great influence, caused the main reason for the short battery life is: board gate corrosion, deformation, fracture plate corrosion, the positive active material ( PAM) Softening of loss caused by the battery capacity decline and internal short circuit. Due to the development of the new partition and to lead calcium alloy series give priority to the development and application of the alloy, the first two factors have been well solved, which makes the PAM softening of loss caused by the battery failure, become the key factor restricting the service life of the lead-acid batteries, decided to PAM to soften loss is the essential factor of PAM in the form of composition, structure, and intergranular and intensity. Electric car battery to improve conditions must pay attention to all details, once the uncertainties, immediately chemical test, detection, can be a formula.
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