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Electric vehicle battery original desulfurization method

by:Vglory      2020-09-18
In use a period to the battery, the battery is short work time, or storage, you can use the desulfurization method, but if can continue to available replacement of monomer battery group, we do not recommend the desulfurization, desulfurization will be the last time to activate once the battery,, 'do or die', and the traction battery life maintain after the desulfurization in 6 - 10 months, a cost is high, considering enterprise operating costs, the original desulfurization method with the recommendation of a simple '1, pour out the battery electrolyte, first rinse with distilled water several times. Injection of distilled water to higher plate 15 mm, with 2 ~ 2 a. 5 a charging or charging at the beginning of the second phase of the charging current and measure the relative density of the electrolyte at any time. 2, such as relative density up to 1. On 15, should stop charging. Then after pouring into distilled water, electrolyte and then continue to charge. So repeatedly, until the battery electrolytic liquid to increase density is no longer so far. Finally a discharge that adequate electricity, adjust the electrolytic liquid to the density for the standard values. Above is relatively simple desulfurization method, you might as well draw lessons from. News came from:
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