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Electric vehicle battery normal discharge standard

by:Vglory      2020-09-17
Electric vehicle battery equalizing charge after filling the electricity, also is floating, daily plate grid distribution of the different parts of the alloy composition and structure is different, thus causes sheeting electrochemical properties of imbalance, the imbalance will make again under the floating charge and the charge and discharge voltage difference, and with the charge and discharge cycle, make the difference increasing, form the so-called 'backward cell ( Battery failure) ”。 The current domestic standards, in a group, the differences in the biggest float charging voltage of battery should be 50 mv or less, and the standard of developed countries is 20 mv or less, so should pay attention to and reduce the size of floating state battery operating voltage difference, after we ask to be used in electric vehicle battery, must immediately to supplement the power and the market is too long can cause plate bubble is bad for the battery self-discharge. abstract
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