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Electric vehicle battery manufacturer analysis capacity of several

by:Vglory      2020-09-17
As electric vehicle battery manufacturers, the brand value to nominal capacity as a reference point to the market, currently marketed products of electric vehicle battery capacity is endued with capacity is 10%, higher than brand capacity at home and abroad, to avoid the excessive discharge of follow-up, good protective, capacity is a sign of how much battery storage capacity, there are theoretical capacity, rated capacity, and the actual capacity, the theory of capacity is assuming that all active substance reaction out of power; Rated capacity refers to the battery, battery under the certain condition of discharge rate, should let out the minimum power. Such as electric vehicle lead-acid battery regulation under 25 ℃ environment, with five hour rate of discharge current to voltage can reach the end of the capacity of the nominal capacity; In actual capacity battery, refers to the specific discharge current, electrolyte temperature and voltage conditions, such as the end of discharge battery actual release of electricity; Electric vehicle battery of all the technical indicators, the most fundamental indicators for battery capacity. To conventional indicators of measuring its ultimate purpose is to direct or indirect monitoring battery capacity, maintain the battery capacity, battery maintenance regulations, if the battery capacity is less than 80% of the rated capacity, the battery can apply for scrap.
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