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Electric vehicle battery maintenance strategy electric vehicle battery maintenance methods

by:Vglory      2020-11-03
1, don't direct electric start no initial velocity condition, the uphill, against the wind when riding, coupled with appropriate human riding, the above cases, instantaneous current can be up to 10 amperes, large current discharge will increase salinization, for a long time due to the battery temperature is too high to form water loss, plate deformation, the phenomenon such as active material loss, shortening battery life, ingenious use of slide in cycling, and to minimize the force braking and start over and over again, can save energy and prolong the service life of the battery. 2, don't go for high speed and speed limiter cut controller speed limit line, don't go for more torque and selection of around 350 w high power motor, discharge current and 'speed' 'resistance moment is roughly proportional to the relationship, especially the accelerating stage, the discharge current will multiply, continued large current discharge and electrochemical reaction is intense, causes plate deformation, active substances, electrolyte oxygen, hydrogen evolution escape cause water loss, which will shorten the service life of the battery, even cause irreparable damage. The service life of the battery power, usually in 3 - 6 months; High power motor with a battery, usually in 6 - service life Ten months. 3, began to timely rechargeable battery discharge saline reaction ( Vulcanization reaction) , timely charge has the activity of lead sulfate in time can be transformed to the activity of spongy lead and lead dioxide, if placed over 12 hours, the activity of lead sulfate crystallization will once again become a bigger crystal particles, become irreversible saline ( Sulfide) 。 If every ride need to recharge in time, make the battery in the shallow circulation state, will extend the service life of the battery. Per month for 1-4, regularly deep discharge Two deep discharge, deep discharge refers to on the flat surface, under the condition of normal load cycling to completely discharge the first undervoltage protection, or put all to completely discharge, which is to make every single voltage drop to 1. 75 v, and then fully charged, can make the battery capacity is slightly ascending. It is worth noting that the two questions: (1) deep discharge and excessive discharge is just one step away, under-voltage protection for the first time, is a sign of deep discharge, Of course controller under-voltage protection value should be accurate positioning in every single voltage of 1. 75 v) After undervoltage protection, there will be 2 - battery 3 v recovery voltage, must not use recovery voltage driver exercise again, is this transition for battery discharge, the damage to the battery can be deadly. Put all to completely discharge should be no such problem. (2) battery manufacturer production battery, it is difficult to guarantee the consistency of internal resistance, especially the internalized into products, more impact resistance of variables, the distribution of stray resistance is rare, mainly reflected in the deep discharge to 33 v ( 36 v battery pack) The following, likely one, two batteries ( Each battery containing six single cell battery) Voltage drops rapidly to 10. Below 5 v, the rest of the battery to discharge may also maintain more than 11 v the total voltage of the battery pack may not reach the lower limit of discharge 31. 5 v, should immediately stop discharge, such cells are called 'behind the battery, continue to discharge the' behind the battery will be excessive discharge and damaged, such phenomenon in die erste installation, not obvious, so users in the use of battery after a period of time the best please use put all related departments to conduct a deep discharge, observe the consistency of each battery discharge, such as better maintenance, at least take down the battery discharge to 10 behind. Total 5 v voltage value, this is your this group of deep discharge of the battery limit. , of course, in a set of batteries' behind the battery, will surely make the battery capacity to sell at a discount greatly, and charging, filled with 'behind the battery will be the first, and with the rest continue to charge a battery overcharge, discharge,' behind the battery will discharge to the first floor, and along with the rest of the batteries continue to discharge will be excessive discharge, form a vicious circle, soon appeared capacity attenuation situation quickly. 5, don't change the charger, the correct use of the charger according to the requirements of specification. Oems electric bicycle factory, the charger is match the configuration of battery. Its highest supplement current, charging voltage and current, float charging voltage, floating charge flow is fixed, the parameters of the other charger has a certain range of differences, possibly with the configuration of battery don't match, so as to replace the charger. Charger in the strong vibration and turbulence, can make the parameter drift, poorly ventilated environment, the temperature of the charger can reach 70 ℃, can make the parameters of the thermal drift, affect the normal work of the charger, can cause of charging, owe to the battery charging, etc. Again, the charger should have the function of the floating, charger shows full of indicator, saying only reach 97% of the total capacity of filling the electricity - 99%, should continue floating ( A trickle) Charge for 2 hours, so that it is completely filled. This can inhibit the salinization of the battery. Charger, if there is a positive function, can effectively prevent the accumulation of salinization of the battery. Charger if there is a negative pulse function, can effectively eliminate the accumulation of polarization of the battery. 6, to prevent the self-discharge self-discharge of many factors, such as electrolyte and plate materials have impurities, cause local effects of battery self-discharge, diaphragm rupture, active substances, invasive dust cover, battery electrolyte or water loop self-discharge. We can do is to keep the battery cover on the dry and clean. Winter from outside to inside of battery there will be condensed water on its performance, can wipe or leave the room until the recharging after evaporation. 7, not owe electricity storage stop using the battery for a long time, to a full battery will first store again, and at least a month to fully charged again. 8, normal saline battery can be dry by professional merchants with repair instrument repair or rehydration repair. Severe damage to the battery should be dealt with by the manufacturer, here no longer above the work reason.
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