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Electric vehicle battery 'maintenance' mode is feasible?

by:Vglory      2020-09-20
Electric vehicle battery should all know, the better the most trouble thing is always adding distilled water, a little careless, electrolyte 'dry' immediately, this is the electric car a big drawback of lead-acid battery, many electric vehicle battery manufacturers are developing AGM and maintenance-free electric vehicle batteries, but the response is not ideal, short range, cannot the fork more heavy goods, the battery in the state of floating and running state for a long time, its purpose is to keep the battery in a full state for a long time, but can't charge. Valve control type sealed lead acid battery under the normal operation of the relief valve should not be open, there should be no acid mist overflows. AGM valve control type sealed lead acid battery with high liquid absorption rate of super fine glass fiber do partition, to shorten the oxygen ions, the distance from the positive plate to the negative plate adopt seal assembly, so sealed lead-acid battery in the release of the heat is not lost in the process of operation, should fully consider when installing cloth and run the battery heat dissipation problem. To prolong the service life of the battery, rectifier equipment should be according to the temperature change in real time float charging voltage of the battery. In general, valve control type sealed battery is basically not maintenance.
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