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Electric vehicle battery maintenance and voltage protection

by:Vglory      2020-09-19
Electric motor car battery maintenance strongly associated with voltage protection, plate is the core part of the low resistive, battery charge and discharge process, the mutual conversion of electrical energy and chemical energy depends on plate on the active material and electrolyte of sulfuric acid in chemical reaction, therefore, requires comprehensive function of the power system, such as time under charge, the secondary electricity, temperature compensation and stepless current limiting function, must establish the perfect power maintenance system at the same time. In addition to timing are filled, the content of the daily management of the battery is also very much, including low voltage protection, secondary electricity, temperature compensation, stepless current limit and so on, these measures can ensure that the use of the storage battery is in good condition, prolong its service life. Electric vehicle battery is composed of lead antimony alloy casting. Antimony can improve the mechanical strength and casting properties. But antimony can accelerate the precipitation of hydrogen and accelerate the consumption of the electrolyte, can also cause battery self-discharge and fence rot, shorten the service life of the battery. When battery output energy, both ends of the voltage is declining, the present to a certain value ( Commonly referred to as the termination voltage) , they must break its energy output circuit, otherwise may cause battery over discharge, shorten the life even scrapped. In the end to make the battery broken in the voltage load to prevent the actions and measures of discharge, is called the low voltage protection. Two times further than the low voltage protection. Because the strength of the positive plate is low, so in the single cell, negative plate total more than positive plate. Is each piece of positive plate between two slices of negative plate, maintain its discharge uniformity, prevent deformation. Ends when the battery voltage to a certain value ( Generally higher than the termination voltage) , just broken part of the secondary load, for the rest of the main load power supply. Later when the voltage drop to terminate, main load will also break, realize the protection of storage battery. The two levels of disconnect under load action and measures for secondary electricity. The benefits of electricity are under quadratic to ensure that the battery discharge but at the same time, can provide important equipment power supply time longer, try to reduce the loss of the communication interrupt. If you need to implement system of secondary electric function, under the start, should be the dc output load into primary and secondary load, the corresponding shunt. Advanced power equipment under quadratic function is very flexible, can adjust at once or twice under the electric voltage, and can be set to do the secondary voltage and low voltage protection, meet the needs of priority security communication. News from the electric car battery/shownews. asp吗? id = 638 & 风格= 69
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