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Electric vehicle battery - Long life of the plate structure

by:Vglory      2020-09-16
1. Plate type according to long life electric vehicle battery capacity to choose appropriate specifications plate and quantity combination. Charge and discharge, the active material between as the change of volume and repeated expansion and contraction. The active substances, between the cathode plate of spongy lead strong adhesive force, and the adhesion strength of the anode plate of * * the weak, and therefore in charge and discharge, will slowly fall off, this is the cause of the lead battery life is limited. Period extend battery life, ability to shock and impact resistance, the anode plate improved when urgent priority. 2. Isolation plate, which can prevent the Yin, produce a short circuit between anode plate, but will not interfere with the ion flow between both poles. And after long time use, also can't degradation, or release of impurities. Lead-acid batteries are generally use glue to isolation plate. 3. The acid resistance of battery case is strong, both mechanical strength. Electric vehicle battery shell is the synthetic resin of the use of material strength through special processing, its special mechanical strength is strong, cover also use the same material, by hot melt then. 4. Electrolyte electrolyte proportion on the basis of the value of 20 ℃, long life type of the electrolyte of electric vehicle battery fully charged standard weight of 1. 280. 5. The function of liquid liquid suppository mouth of bolt for gas produced during the discharge charge and replenish water, the determination of proportion.
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