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Electric vehicle battery liquid level with wire

by:Vglory      2020-09-19
Electric vehicle battery is due to water battery, need daily check the electrolyte enough, keep the internal battery electrolyte liquid level height. General summer check 1 time 1 week, 2 week check 1 time in winter. This can rely on liquid level monitor, visual, or directly can uncover the lid with a translucent plastic battery shell, shell outside can see the inside liquid level height, shell and upper and lower two lines, liquid level height between the two lines is just ok. With black plastic shell of the battery, check the liquid to be turned on and cover, directly observe estimate level with his eyes, also can use a small glass tube inserted into the battery, hold the glass tube with finger snappy, check out the electrolyte. Under normal circumstances, the electrolyte level should be higher than plate 10 ~ 15 mm. At the time of a fork or walk, once feel appear unable to traffic, climb a difficult situation, often check the positive and negative pole links between pile and connection wire connectors are in good condition, electric vehicle battery positive and negative pole column and wires are generally made fixed iron screw connection, between the electrolyte and is easy to corrosion screw nut, make loose connection, contact resistance increases, resulting in motor start unable or unable to start. Therefore, at ordinary times often should check whether there is loose and tight in time. In addition, there is a place of easy to be ignored, is extremely pile with connection wire connection between two contact surfaces are serious oxidation or dirt, if so, even if the connection screw is loose, when current flows through the resistor is still very big, so will cause the starter start difficult or unable to start. At this time, the application of the blade will connect again after two contact surface scrape. Connection, had better put some butter or vaseline joint surface, in case the electrolyte corrosion and oxidation. Electric vehicle battery loss of electricity, to timely supplement charge at ordinary times, such as lights, horn husky, start to wait for a phenomenon, has seriously deficient electric battery. Loss of electric battery plate is easy to cure, bring down the battery capacity, internal resistance increases, the output current. Then immediately with charger for the battery charged to supplement, until produced a large number of bubbles in the electrolyte. Battery charged when long-term outage should be regular maintenance, vehicle during storage, battery should be centralized in the storage battery, commonly kept by the specialist is responsible for maintaining. Information, there is an internal battery self-discharge, daily self-discharge amount is about 2%, therefore, the battery must be designed room safe-keeping, check regularly, supplement charge at least once a month, each supplementary charge 2 stages: 1 to 10% of the rated capacity of phase current, time with 10 hours advisable; Phase 2 charging current and time in half. Also, should pay attention to the new electric car battery charged at the beginning of the new dry lotus plus good electrolyte battery after half an hour, although have, output current can be directly put into use, but to effectively improve battery performance and service life of the future, the best initial charge before using for 1 time. Also, at the beginning of charging is divided into two stages to complete: current phase 1 to 5% of the rated capacity, time for 30 hours; Phase 2 charging current by half, time is 25 hours. Inspection and maintenance, in strict accordance with the procedures for at ordinary times when inspection maintenance, must not use a metal wire or metal rod to measure the electrolyte level, also don't put the wrench, screwdriver and other metal tools on the battery, otherwise it is easy to cause the battery to short circuit. In addition, the use of more than a tandem battery to charge or use, as far as possible, in tandem with the same battery capacity do not adopt large capacity, small, new or old collocation method is used, because of different capacity of battery series, small capacity will be a charge or discharge, plate active material loss; Large capacity will undercharge, cause the plate, capacity declined. Keywords: hangzhou electric vehicle battery power electric vehicle battery best attention more electric vehicle battery news: / shownews. asp吗? id = 663 & 风格= 69
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