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Electric vehicle battery improper maintenance repair methods

by:Vglory      2020-09-19
Electric vehicle battery cycle life depend on the range to walk more far, lead-acid battery in China each year because of maintenance method is not appropriate, lead to early termination of the original battery life a lot, generally after the expiration of the service life of the battery, caused by a smaller board gate corrosion, strength, plate fracture, especially positive plate is more serious, which belongs to the normal life to end. But due to the use of maintenance undeserved, can cause of plate bending and accelerate the board gate corrosion, such as plate fracture, a polar group into the battery should be replaced, in a group should differ with the degree of old and new batteries in a group of shoulds not be too much, because after a group of series connected to the battery, even the new plate will be restricted by other single polar group of old and cannot play better efficiency. If the plate has a small amount of big rib fracture, ( For large, fixed type battery or thick plate) Can be split in file a metallic luster, weld repair. 900 - electric vehicle battery cycles in general 1500 times, the standard is a 800 - cycle, but the relative import series battery sent a lot, so in terms of use and repair, must deal with. Pay more attention to the electric vehicle battery: / shownews. asp吗? id = 633 & 风格= 52
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