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Electric vehicle battery deep cycle times how many times?

by:Vglory      2020-09-20
Electric vehicle battery deep cycle times how many times? This is topic of people's more attention, deep cycle number of electric vehicle battery service life. Imported electric vehicle battery deep cycle times is about 1500 times or so, homebred not conclusive, high-quality electric vehicle battery manufacturers can reach more than 1000 times, the current brand tested 1200 times, the results with the actual data support, but use is correct, this is about whether can let the deep circulation of 1200 ~ 1500 times conversion is complete, we usually image compared to the heart of the electric car battery, controller compared to the brain, the motor compared to limbs, charger energy input to the outside world. Four only with proper use can exert the best performance of electric cars. No matter what part of problems will affect the service life of electric vehicles. Electric motor car storage battery can be adapted to the 35 - for a long time 55 ℃ under the working conditions, with good resistance to high temperature properties, and has good cycle life, suitable for high temperature under the condition of the electric motor car use. Lack of water, excessive charge discharge directly affect electric vehicle battery performance degradation. Intermittent charging cycles a lower.
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