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Electric vehicle battery dc power supply can turn communication?

by:Vglory      2020-09-20
Electric vehicle battery for electric electric power source, partiality for dc power supply, the market many USES synchronous ac, dc motor, so what are the difference between the two motor? Ac motor internal environment motor without carbon brush wear after dust, internal environment clean, improve the service life of the motor is totally enclosed structure, moistureproof and dustproof, work, external heat generated in the motor, heat faster, is advantageous to the electrical pilot time to work, when the brake can recycle 30% efficiency, save power consumption and prolonging the service life of electric vehicle battery at the same time, the dc motor carbon brush wear produce dust, directly affect the service life of the motor, Ma Dafei fully enclosed structure, heat generated inside the motor at work, the cooling effect is poor, is not conducive to the motor to work long hours, can recycle energy is less than 15% when the brake energy recovery, storage battery electric vehicle by the battery supplies direct current, direct current (dc) by a computer controlled traction inverter into adjustable voltage and frequency of three-phase ac drive two ac asynchronous traction motor, two ac asynchronous traction motor separately by connecting gear reducer drive wheel to thereby traction electric vehicles.
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