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Electric vehicle battery cycle life calculation

by:Vglory      2020-09-17
Electric vehicle battery cycle life calculation is different from the car battery, charge and discharge is one of The Times, every time use to 80% battery capacity, battery life is less time, put in a lot of warehousing logistics, factory of electric cars, many drivers in 2 hours, charging a few hours, have no fixed rules, such a real electric vehicle battery life constantly shrinking, can experience the number of repeated charge and discharge, battery and capacity is inversely proportional to the life of a relationship, cycle life is closely related to the charge and discharge conditions, the greater the average charging current ( The faster the charge) The size of the early, the shorter the cycle life of battery capacity does not represent its lifespan, each manufacturer of battery lead powder, lead paste preparation, sheeting material quality, the configuration of the selection of separator and electrolyte are different. At the beginning of some battery capacity is big, life is short; Some early battery capacity is small, long service life; Some of the battery capacity at the beginning of give attention to two or morethings and longevity. Measure is the service life of the battery discharge cycle life. Measurement method is usually after the battery fully charged, discharge to 70% of the total capacity for a cycle, the cycle number of how many said the length of the service life of the battery, electric vehicle battery and because of its low price, occupied 90% electric motor car market, were used, whether imported or domestic electric cars, their use cycle calculation.
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