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Electric vehicle battery charging method have?

by:Vglory      2020-09-19
Electric vehicles dedicated battery electric vehicle battery charging method have? Electric vehicle battery belongs to new energy source of power, energy consumption itself, must be timely supply power, in order to avoid long time without charging, voltage is too low, cannot identify charger, electric vehicle battery in use process, avoid hair under the situation: insufficient battery charge: lack of charging for a long time, will seriously affect the service life of the battery. Over discharge: after the battery discharge in the positive and negative to generate the lead sulfate layer structure is close, active material is hard to recover when charging, serious when still can cause a discharge of individual battery pole. Over discharge battery service life is shortened and the main reason for the failure. Charge will result in water in a large number of electrolytic electrolyte, temperature, precipitation from the positive and negative increase gas = make a battery loose the positive and negative active material structure, reduce the service life of electric vehicle batteries. Electric vehicle battery charging is our age-old question, many people always complain about battery life is short, a long power and use time decreased significantly, why? You have to speak of from the charge of our daily. First battery after we buy back, because of long time do not use the battery will not slow, do not use for a long time, the inner activity of positive and negative ions in a stagnation stage, this time we usually choose a full charge and then use, in fact, this way is the battery has a very big damage, no movement of the positive and negative electrical level for a long time because they have been subjected to the impact of the strong current, eventually leads to necrosis of ions, deposition in the storage battery, occupy certain capacity battery, thereby reducing the normal capacity of battery. The correct way is to first charge after discharge, first to around 80% of the electricity charge, for boot discharge operation. Then we still have a little good habit is, often ran out of battery charging point again, bear in mind that this kind of situation is very dangerous, so for a long time operation will cause because there is no free ion electrode, which leads to a certain part of battery electrode is punctured, appear the phenomenon of the damage, in the event of a late will be unable to charge the phenomenon, is the right thing to do every time we use no less than 30% at most consider to recharge the battery. Finally does not use the battery for a long time, should be kept in a cool and dry place, don't rush to use immediate use, again a little while electricity use, plus or minus of them free electrical activity, can make your battery more durable to use, in the process of charging battery can produce gas, should keep charging place well ventilated, no open flame, at the same time charging process of oxygen, acidic gas will impact on the surrounding. Unplug the plug can produce arc during charging, the charging authority after closed, under Fang Keba plug. Around the battery after charging for many hydrogen, are not allowed to have any open fires, should be open on the battery cover plate, the shenzhen company dedicated electric vehicle battery research and development for a long time, choose to shenzhen, is the testimony of many enterprises. Without permission, banned reproduced, the source: / shownews. asp吗? id = 667 & 风格= 69
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