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Electric vehicle battery capacity?

by:Vglory      2020-09-21
Prices in general electric vehicle battery capacity theory, we buy a new electric car, need to know the weight, battery capacity is the key, the decision to the electric work time, and the vehicle itself is a price system, relevance, and the capacity of enough relationship of subsequent electric vehicle maintenance cost, blind pursuit of low prices, the market for your capacity will reach, the early possible reaction is not a problem, with the use of time, the increase of the intensity of electric car itself, the capacity of the electric vehicle battery, still exist a lot of differentiation, is refers to the battery under the certain condition of discharge capacity, the battery can let out of electricity. Generally when using Ann ( Ah) Said, namely discharge current (ampere A) Multiplied by the discharge time ( h) 。 As stipulated in the standard such as a certain discharge current, discharge the longer, the greater the capacity of the battery. Battery capacity depends on the size of the storage battery live material quantity, the thickness of the plate, the size of the plate spacing, as well as the concentration of the sulfuric acid solution and purity, and so on. Electric vehicle battery plate thickness is also a major factor to influence size, some consumers think that plate is thicker, the bigger the capacity is relatively, in fact is not the case, on the contrary, the thickness of the plate is inversely proportional to the utilization of active material, a thin plate of the apparent area is greater than that of thick plate area, and thin plate in the depth of the active substance can react more fully participate in to improve the capacity of the battery. Plate too thin, of course, I live too little material is no good, only moderate thick, thin plate to ensure that the battery capacity, and can improve the service life of the battery. The size of the plate spacing is to have a strict production process, the plate in the assembly of battery should be compact, such not only reduced the volume of the battery, more major is reduced battery internal resistance ( Internal resistance overshoot the capacity loss) 。 Electric vehicle battery electrolyte ( The sulfuric acid solution) The concentration and purity, and is also one of the influencing factors on the quality of the battery. Some businesses in selling batteries in order to increase the battery capacity, in order to achieve the effect of quick start, often with a high concentration of electrolyte, so do the rapidly increasing capacity of the battery, but when the high concentration of the sulfuric acid solution to a certain value, the resistance of the solution also will increase, reduce the capacity of the battery, at the same time, high concentrations of electrolyte will make battery plate gate and baffle plate corrosion intensifies, which reduces the service life of the battery, standard battery electrolyte density is 1. 28±0. 0lg/cm3( 25 ℃) 。 If you use the electrolyte containing impurities, also can cause the self-discharge of the battery, and even, no battery capacity will quickly reduce, above all is the electric vehicle lead-acid battery capacity.
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