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Electric vehicle battery and battery continuation of life

by:Vglory      2020-09-17
Car battery life determinants almost as well as the electric car battery, the battery itself if sufficient capacity, use of time is very long. If equipment and various aspects use undeserved, can put an end to the battery life in advance, here small make up simply under various lead-acid battery maintenance methods: 1, when you start your car one day, feel a little bit is slower than ever before or not force of the motor, please pay attention to your car battery, maybe your car battery should complete its glorious task. 2, to a certain time or with certain mileage, your car will be sent to you 4 s shop and maintenance, but when your car battery for more than two years, maybe you'll have to keep an eye on it, maybe it will give you when parking in a morning or an an unexpected 'surprise'. 3, the cold winter season do you not for cars or difficult to start? Because on the market commonly existing brand battery power is low in the winter of light cause instantaneous power supply is insufficient, with its high-performance storage battery allows you to easily corresponding to any season all the year round. 4, are you a music lover? The sound? This is not your horn and the nose problem but is caused by the unstable power supply power substation, with it you can set his mind at to enjoy the sounds of nature. 5, in today's high oil prices high fuel consumption makes you confused? That's because when the battery voltage of power supply is not stable under the condition of the sensor signals transmitted to the car computer will have inaccurate resulting in high fuel consumption, with which you make your fuel consumption high. 6, do you have car lights dim view will not make you very helpless? Because general battery power supply output need to supply all the seed of auto electrical parts, so when your battery is not good I/o performance will make your headlights look bleak and caused many security hidden danger, it can make your headlights back light. 7, you are a modified talent? Know how the engine works? Good power supply and collocation good ignition system to develop a steady stream of power make you more. High quality battery can let you burst into the ignition rapidly and higher efficiency of strong momentum. 8, car battery to install A. Make sure the battery, first open negative extreme again is extreme. Is extreme could never touch to the body or metal ( For car body is cathode) 。 B。 If positive/negative extreme rust/oxidation, wash with hot water first, again with steel brush or sandpaper derusting, daub and rust-proof oil ( To prevent later rust and oxidation) 。 C。 When installation is extreme, before they are negative extreme. D。 Pay attention to the positive and negative extreme position never misconnection. 9, automobile storage battery of daily use and maintenance methods: many owners think the battery is a very simple thing, also did not much care for maintenance at ordinary times, in fact, in the car for daily use, the battery is is one of the most important part, shall not be careless. Battery should be paid attention to daily use? The large difference between two different brands, the price of the battery. Now on the market various brands of batteries can be seen everywhere, but consumers buy to safe, suitable battery, also must polish my eyes. The expert reminds, when buy the best buy those who have the word of mouth, big brand battery, because normal manufacturer not only security, but also good after-sales service. General large regular battery company will make a commitment, in the warranty period, as long as it is battery quality problem, customer can free replacement. If not quality problem, the company can also be for battery maintenance free, and tell them to use common sense. Generally the battery life of between two to two and a half years, good quality battery, its life between the two and a half years to three years. Commonly referred to as 'free maintenance batteries', not the real 'maintenance', but said the battery under the condition usually don't need to take charge. Some cars on the free maintenance battery hydrometer also equipped with temperature compensation type, can instruct the battery storage state power and the height of the electrolyte level. When hydrometer indicator green eye, which indicates that charging is enough, storage battery normal; When instructed eye little green dots or black, highlights the need for charging battery; When indicates the eye light yellow, indicates a battery internal fault, it needs to be repaired or replaced. 10, how to extend the life of the battery? To keep the battery in good working condition, prolong service life, to do: A. Battery installed in the car wants firm, to reduce vibration. B。 Regularly check whether the battery cable is strong, all union, must maintain good contact, prevent to produce sparks, caused an explosion of the battery. The oxides, sulfates, battery clip must scrape, and coated with vaseline, in case of any corrosion. C。 Often clear the dust and dirt on the battery cover spilled electrolyte, keep clean and dry, to prevent the self-discharge. D。 The sealing glue cracking to repair in time. E. Check the battery electrolyte level, maintain normal level. F。 Cars drive in the cold, want to avoid completely discharge the battery, so as to avoid the electrolyte to freeze. G。 Prevent the battery overcharge or lost electricity for a long time, overcharge can make the plate active material loss, loss of electricity can make the plate, to ensure that the mediator voltage cannot be too high or too low. H。 Prevent large current discharge battery long time, every time using starter time is not greater than 5 seconds, two consecutive starting time, interval of 10 - in the middle For 15 seconds. At some point we recommend batteries, slowly come down with a current charge to full charge, so that the battery can be used for the last time the activated state. abstract
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