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Electric vehicle battery adding distilled water

by:Vglory      2020-09-17
Electric vehicle battery belong to dry lotus type lead-acid batteries, the in the later need often adding distilled water, how to avoid adding too much or too little, here small make up summary points of each single cell battery electrolyte battery level should be higher than plate 10 & # 12316; 15 _. The test method is as follows: ( 1) Glass tube method. The electrolyte level available diameter 3 & # 12316; 5 mm, length 100 & # 12316; Glass tube to measure 150 mm. Measurement, insert the battery charging glass tube on the vertical hole, and balance the protective plate piece, the other end of the finger block, USES the vacuum, when the glass tube filed ( Take out) When the electrolyte absorption. The tube height is higher than that of the electrolyte electrolyte plate. ( 2) If there is no diameter of 3 & # 12316; 5 mm hollow glass tube, can be replaced other acid hollow tube of a similar size, or use the clean of bamboo or wood, the measurement of liquid level height, but not with metal sticks inserted inside the battery is measured. With bamboo or wood measurement method of liquid level height is relatively simple, as long as bamboo or wood insert battery charging hole and vertical plate protection against, then take out, the trace of liquid on the shooting of bamboo or wood height is the liquid level height. If check liquid level is low, should add the appropriate distilled water, not loaded with sulfuric acid and distilled water preparation good electrolyte ( But if the surface is reduced due to shell cracking caused, electrolyte leakage should be filling with good electrolyte) 。 Because the main cause of low liquid level is due to the battery in use process, Charge and discharge) Has moisture evaporate part, if we filling the electrolyte, is bound to increase the battery electrolyte density, the sulfuric acid composition, make the plate easily damaged. If check liquid level is too high, usable densitometer sucked out, otherwise easy to overflow, electrolyte corrosion pile and fittings, easy to cause short circuit, etc. Electric vehicle battery do not join with other acidic liquid, it is easy to cause high acid, battery fork cargo time will shorten. abstract
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