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Electric motor car storage battery using the most afraid of 'dry'

by:Vglory      2020-09-20
Electric motor car storage battery using process, the most worried about? That is dry up the water, dry up once the electric motor car storage battery electrolyte, the plate will be damaged, a large number of output current and supplies will be compulsory to charge or discharge on plate, the battery lead powder will be dropping off, can't be with sulfuric acid to produce electrochemical, for people who do not understand, give battery filling water that is not to find uncomfortable? Not actually, for electric motor car storage battery, really need filling water. Usual water met the need of the electric motor car storage battery function must be used distilled water, and cannot be used with the compensation of acid liquid, cannot add mineral water this kind of people can drink more water. Due to the minerals in the water, trace element though good but for battery is more harm than good to the human body. General electric motor car storage battery liquid level height should be kept in 1. 5 cm, namely the battery cover to the liquid level height is 1. 5 cm, high level brief spillover, especially in the late charge, make the other part corrosion damage, in addition to overflow after adding water and can reduce the proportion of the electrolyte, water seems to be small, but it is closely related to the service life of the battery. Burn dry water, electric motor car storage battery industry is the most afraid of things, burned beyond repair.
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