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Electric motor car storage battery output line equipped with skills

by:Vglory      2020-09-20
Electric motor car an electric energy device, battery provides output current, electric cohesion between electric vehicle and battery has long output line, how to ensure the battery electric vehicle battery company is normal output current to electric vehicles, told several electric motor car storage battery output line installation techniques. 1, the battery output line installation location to right, the connection is negative, the output line or only 1 m or 1. 2 meters standard, to make sure that the plug is long enough to connect to the electric car adapter interface, as the output of the resultant force electric vehicles equipped with special line hole, maintain a clean and tidy electric motor car. 2, the battery output line of plug is correct, the market has two kinds of rema, Anderson plug, plug should be determined according to the size of the output current battery and electric motor car plug, so installation is no problem. 3, battery output line thickness is determined according to the output current of battery, 24 v210ah is about 25 mm, more than 48 v400 about 35 mm, 80 v or more basic is 50 mm, this battery can be durable and will last much longer.
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