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Electric lithium battery's three big mistake and four right view

by:Vglory      2020-10-28
With the use of electric lithium batteries more and more, put some of the most easy to fall into pitfalls below clarification, lithium battery is given after textual research various data of correct views and practices. · Myth: buy electric lithium battery requires repeated three times in order to activate the battery charging and discharging. Unless you buy the stock products of more than one year, otherwise there is no need to do this, because now the batteries batteries at the factory have done activation, and the batteries when processed into lithium-ion battery pack again after an equivalent to activate test, so you get its hands on electric lithium battery, already had been activated, to do three times just meaningless increase the wastage of the lithium battery charging and discharging process. · Erroneous zone 2: for the first time charge must be sufficient enough for 12 hours. For the those without early control circuit of nimh battery equipment is applicable, but for now has intelligent charge and discharge control module is a joke, when lithium batteries, the charging current can be automatically cut off, and when the system is shown as' the power converter. Even if you continue to 120 hours, filling state also won't have any change, in general, is completely filled with 3 hours, the rest of the 'charging' just wasting your time. · Myth 3: cells need once a month completely charged. For nimh battery memory effect is very strong, this is must work, but for lithium-ion batteries, the cycle is too frequent, lithium battery in theory is to eliminate the memory effect, even if there were, also has been greatly weakened the negligible degree, if you use the battery very frequent, so you should compare the battery discharge to the low ( About 10 ~ 15%) Recharging, but if the discharge to even open machine ( 0 ~ 1%) , belong to the lithium battery has great damage depth of discharge, generally once every 2 months to do this operation. If you rarely use the battery, as long as once every 3 months for this operation. Error, nature is because have corresponding universal battery maintenance and use of the method, listed as follows: 1. Should avoid to completely discharge ( Use the power to completely) 2. For lithium battery charge and discharge, often not when put charging or using an external power source, charging or continue to use after the completion of an external, both batteries will not cause additional loss. 3. When not in use for a long period of time, remove the lithium battery, in a cool and dry place. Don't freeze, avoid water erosion. Avoid car use in high temperature. Such as long time preservation, place the battery to 40% after 4. Avoid buying spare lithium batteries for storage, because the battery even if does not use, its service life is also in the natural fracture, so the battery within the limited time to live, maximize the use of is to reflect the value of the battery.
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