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Electric lithium battery cycles is certain?

by:Vglory      2020-10-29
Reporter: electric lithium battery recycling is the number of times a certain? : cycling times is not certain, some electric discharge depth is large, the number of cycle is small, some electric discharge, shallow depth, naturally need more cycles. It mainly depends on the depth of discharge of the user. In general, one hundred percent of discharge cycles in the three hundred and fifty times or so, while the discharge of seventy percent in five hundred and fifty, fifty percent of the loop one thousand times, and so on, discharge is shallow, the greater the cycle. Reporter: the performance of lithium-ion batteries is influenced by temperature? : this is natural. The change in temperature will directly affect the electric car battery charging and discharging performance, but a lot of users in the use of electric bike battery will not pay attention to this process. In fact, the electric vehicle in the process of charging and discharging, will produce chemical reaction, and the active substance on the reaction can lead to cell activity increased or decreased, and the discharge temperature is lower, release the less capacitance, the higher the charge temperature, the higher the ability to accept, so the charging voltage are fixed, so as to fully charged. To learn more lithium battery products, please login and/or direct contact:.
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