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Electric lithium battery can also be 'face to face' and 'one to one'!

by:Vglory      2020-10-29
'Internet +' embrace traditional industries, to bring customers the most intuitive experience is life is becoming more and more convenient, easy to dial a phone call, food, nail art, and even car maintenance, can be 'delivery'. Recently announced a 'one-to-one' electric lithium battery service ', this means that in the future don't have to run in electric vehicle battery stores, for the busy workers and mobility of the elderly, can be said to be a very convenient and practical services. Zhang said, according to the experience of the service users, feeling 'one-to-one' biggest advantage is not only convenient, it is important to directly face the manufacturer, or with factory after-sales service entity shop in the outside, are some of the more experienced personnel, on the principle of making batteries and quality is guaranteed, at the same time also for electric bicycle for a free repair, use rise more comfortable, after all, not all people have the right replacement lithium battery, if you are negative wrong, there is a risk of short circuit, light will burn out the battery, or is likely to cause fire. Zhang said that the old daddy's electric bicycle ride for two or three years, recently combined their report per charge how many kilometres can not run after the power went out, but oneself work too busy, I can't afford the time to go to store in the battery. Search on the net to the lithium battery electric lithium battery manufacturer, to see their factory after-sales service, they for manufacturers, to provide the services in factory, for retail, providing after-sales service entity shop, the originally just hugged try psychology, so he reached them, after that experience, the feeling is very good, 'very useful! Now dad have to recommend the company to friends, the service for the elderly or office workers we really practical. 'so,' one-to-one 'how useful? There are so time zhang said. First of all, the response speed of the service, can give you accurate guidance, manufacturer direct counterpart, no intermediate links. Second, professional change, service is very careful, in place. Zhang said, 'one-to-one' technicians wear working clothes, wearing name tags, 'very careful'. Before battery changes, technician to the bicycle carefully check it again, after confirm the need to replace batteries work sheet to fill in, 'is all about a moment, it felt like to the auto 4 s shops' battery change, technicians also reminds zhang to check the battery code, check the battery manufacturer's website, the whole process is over. Zhang concluded, 'the experience was quite good, besides convenient, also has a price advantage, cheaper than order from e-commerce sites. Now ride electric bicycle inside a crowd is mostly the elderly, for them, this service is very practical, and children are also more at ease. 'finally, zhang also cautioned that the company is currently doing discount promotions, such as focus on lithium battery WeChat ID can obtain 50 yuan cash discount, or directly in the net, can save 20% cost, if you count the preferential, nearly 100 yuan cheaper than in e-commerce sites to order, very good! 'I think,' Internet + ', o2o core essence is service, more segmentation, more vertical direction, may be the future '+' Internet hug more traditional industries, new breakthrough. Want to know, lithium battery, please login/immediately.
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