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Electric lithium battery after-sales service has a long way

by:Vglory      2020-10-30
This article from: from the lithium battery electric vehicle industry more than ten years, lithium trams in five years ago into people's horizons. As local increase control for electric vehicles, lithium electric bicycles are gradually increase market share. But whether automobile enterprise or to individual consumers, important components - of lithium electric bicycles Lithium-ion batteries, is far from achieving understanding of lead-acid battery like that, so there is on how to do the after-sale service of lithium-ion batteries more confused. 1, the battery into the water will not be warranty. As lithium battery manufacturers are clearly identified battery does not guarantee the water at the meeting. But often in the consumer, garage, and part of the automobile enterprise will be difficult to understand, why a few hundred dollars so discarded batteries. Electric lithium battery is composed of dozens or more monomer batteries, guarantee the quality of the battery pack and the service life of the monomer will the internal resistance, voltage and capacity of the consistency between batteries have higher requirements, after the battery into water if only protection plate problems can also be replaced, but if batteries appear oxidation even failure will be difficult to match the same internal resistance, voltage and capacity of batteries. Replace the batteries without matched in increases the cost of after-sales cases there is no guarantee that the use of the battery safety and performance. 2, battery in new controversial. On the market for electric vehicle battery after-sales service are mostly take the n + n mode, namely a few months before a new, a few months after maintenance. So how to change the new? What conditions can be replaced? After change new battery warranty? Battery manufacturers, a big understanding deviation between businesses and consumers. Products such as mobile phone, battery in use was followed by a normal capacity attenuation, generally in the new principle is counted from the date of electric vehicles sold after date, if the battery capacity attenuation in the new period to less than 80% of the nominal capacity to change new battery, otherwise the battery failure can only be warranty, maintenance of batteries guarantee capacity of no less than 80%, rather than being unconditional change new misunderstanding in the new period. 3, lithium battery after time is too long. Due to the lithium battery manufacturers in the market is not a sound after-sales service network, lithium-ion batteries, lithium battery sales outlets inadequate understanding of the maintenance of lithium battery and the lack of testing equipment, so the lithium battery after-sales maintenance generally is consumers find the vehicle sales, vehicle sales outlets return oems, oems to send back the battery manufacturer to do maintenance. Links, cycle is long, poor communication between consumers and battery manufacturer is the bottleneck restricting the development of lithium trams. Poly ward shenzhen municipal science and technology co. , LTD. As a professional manufacturer of electric lithium batteries, 'electric lithium battery has a very wide range of consumer, knows the whole industry chain for electric lithium battery after-sales market confusion. Companies from the market and consumers with products and services dedicated to upgrade, has been developed with independent intellectual property rights of waterproof type lithium battery products greatly reduced the loss of the battery into the water to consumers because of the rainy season. And plans to after-sales service work perfectly, the terminal market gradually establish its own after-sales service network, direct service consumers and electric car sales outlets, the decrease of the intermediate links would really like to customer thought, the anxious customer anxious, provide consumers with high efficiency, good after-sales service! Electric lithium battery after-sales service work a long way to go, '' lithium battery is committed to creating lithium electricity industry products and services of the best brand, explore the new situation for electric lithium battery after-sales service.
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