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Electric lift trucks in the lithium battery, the development pattern of the future

by:Vglory      2020-09-10
Electric forklift as non-polluting emissions machinery and equipment, the development of the future will greatly popular, since it is people's consciousness in diesel forklift stage, didn't really sink in advocate environmental protection concept, literally, international, domestic media reported a frenzy of people have a deeper knowledge of the deterioration of environment, electric lift trucks in the lithium battery is a major part of the follow forklift, the lithium battery as the traction of forklift, nature is also a section, the development of the system and the retail market, believe that at a level, the current capacity utilization rate is not high, also has the very big space in the future industrial production, industrial logistics total will continue to maintain growth, forklift demand growth space still exist in the future. Because of enterprise cost and the environment, together with the Chinese market users still have a special liking to internal-combustion forklift, therefore internal-combustion forklift has great potential for growth. China is in rapid advance of industrialization and urbanization development stage, environmental damage is serious, air pollution more spectacularly, environmental pollution leads to frequent natural disasters. So the environmental protection by the state and people more and more attention. People increasingly realize that actively advocate and promote the use of renewable energy, development with low energy consumption, low pollution, low emission based on low-carbon economy, is the inexorable selection of achieving sustainable social and economic development. Forklift industry, therefore, power upgrade is inevitable, and electric forklift with no pollution, little noise is the most clear, the future development direction of technology is relatively mature. Electric forklift will inevitably become the main force in the future. Transverse compare, in Europe, America, Japan the world's three largest markets abroad, electric lift trucks in the proportion has reached 70%. The Chinese market, however, very high proportion of electric forklift, almost unify the whole country. This is in contrast to the situation, our country electric forklift forklift market also has the very big development space. It is understood that the several large heavy industry enterprises in our country is very bullish on the future of electric forklift truck market, has been committed to the r&d of new products and promote production. Although electric forklift truck is suitable for the condition of environmental requirements higher, but the factory workshop, warehouse, distribution center and distribution center, port, railway stations, airports, freight yard and other places is still the ideal choice, lithium battery forklift mainly by deep circulation as power, industrialization production plant at home and abroad has gradually formed specification, form a complete set of electric forklift truck market has matured, just propaganda is not in place, and of course in such aspects as initial investment of electric forklift lithium batteries can be high, but in the use process, to the end of the year, than internal-combustion forklift, the more cost-effective. The article comes from
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