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Electric lift trucks in the lithium battery solution for both

by:Vglory      2020-09-05
Electric lift trucks in the lithium battery is specially used for lithium-ion batteries in electric forklift truck, shenzhen power supply co. , LTD. Is a provider in the field of professional lithium battery forklift, employed more than 10 years, accumulated a large number of battery supporting experience, for forklift battery brand at home and abroad, we recommend merit, perfectly meet the needs of customers, provide quality services. At present domestic electric forklift battery brand to: rapid opening and, with the wind, the torch, join, day to give priority to, foreign brand: GSYUASA, KOBE, FAAM, hawker, hoppecke is given priority to, the main supporting domestic battery: dragon worker, resultant force, liugong, hangzhou fork, bao le and Taiwan LiFu, mansion, coase, jianghuai, TEU, wei round, force, goodsenseforklift, moved hui forklift, foreign battery matching: force, linde, hyster, eternal god steel, komatsu, force and the optimal, mitsubishi, nissan, daewoo, clark and other imported forklift with lithium batteries, whether imported or domestic forklift battery brand, the use of the late maintenance is the absolute principle, we introduce several maintenance plan: forklift battery in use, if there is the following cause loss of battery forklift, forklift truck must be ordinary rechargeable batteries, in use, if the single voltage drop to 1. 75 v, 6 v voltage drop to 5. 25 v, 12 v battery down to 10. 5 v, electrolyte density dropped to 1. 170, should stop using, ordinary rechargeable battery forklift in the ordinary course of charging, the temperature of the electrolyte is much more appropriate? Can't more than 45 degrees, when close to 45 degrees, should stop charging or halve the charging current, wait for when the temperature drops below 35 degrees can restore or continue to charge, how to see forklift battery is fully charged, can end charging? In the process of charging, a dramatic bubble inside, about 2 single cell voltage. 4 - 2. 8 volts between, electrolyte density up to 1. 280 + - 0. 005 ( 25 degrees) 2 ~ 3 hours, density and voltage constant, it indicates that the charge completely, can end charging, when charging, if the voltage is adjusted to 2. 4 to 2. Between 8 volts, but has a density of less than 1. 280 + - 0. 005 ( 25 degrees) And what measures should be take? When there are low density, with a density of 1. Around 4 adjustment, electrolyte density is high, use pure water to mediate, until the precise electro-hydraulic proportion of 1. 26 ~ 1. 28 reached so far, the above is lithium battery of forklift and forklift battery matching scheme, using the maintenance methods. Electric lift trucks in the lithium-ion batteries in charging plug order is: first, remove the forklift battery socket, the battery port ( The activities of the car end socket) Connected to the charger, and finally the charger ac power source connected to the mains AC380V or mains AC220V power. Open the charging switch, start charging indicator, when electricity is full of 'indicator' on said. Note: remove the plug can produce arc during charging, the charging authority after closed, under Fang Keba plug. Charge around the lithium batteries for many hydrogen, are not allowed to have any open fires, should open the lithium battery recharged on the cover board. Lithium battery should avoid overcharge and over discharge, monomer lithium battery voltage drop to 1. 70 v shall promptly supply electricity, electricity meter display to 70% or less for discharge, often over discharge will affect the capacity of the battery. When battery over discharge is close to the limiting value, forklift control system will automatically start the protection function, the first limit forklift lifting motor work, walks the motor still can continue to work, should the forklift driving power to recharge area. Lithium battery charge should be timely after each use, the longest time interval must not exceed 24 hours. 4, the battery should be in a cool, ventilated and away from the flame under the environment of charging, lest produce hydrogen explosion. To prevent the loss of electricity storage, loss of electricity storage battery is the most harmful. Long-term unused battery must be a supplementary electricity (every month Normal charging method) 。 Cell surface, cables and bolt often should maintain clean, dry. Battery connection must keep good contact, lest cause spark burn a column or cause the battery explosion. Inside the battery may not fall into any harmful impurities, measuring the electrolyte density, temperature and liquid surface instrument equipment should be kept clean. On the battery cover shall not put any conductive objects, so as not to cause short circuit batteries, according to many years of industry experience came to the conclusion that electric lift trucks in the lithium battery to long life, maintenance is the most critical, we in shenzhen to provide domestic and imported a full range of electric forklift lithium battery solution. An excerpt
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