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Electric lift trucks in the lithium battery materials and development

by:Vglory      2020-08-20
Electric lift trucks in the lithium battery is just as its name implies is special electric forklift battery, mainly lead composition of metal materials, the prices is according to the international metal material fluctuations, lead to import, domestic electric forklift, choice of lithium battery is different, the current linde, eternal force, hyster three major brands mainly Germany standard 198 soft connection, together, hangzhou forklift, such as beauty, domestic forklift giants in the form of welding, mainly British standard BS158 series is given priority to, in countries such as Japan/South Korea, Toyota, nissan, mitsubishi, komatsu, TCM plot of electric lift trucks in the majority is 158 British standard series; Welding, we according to the iron box size to customize the traction capacity lithium battery forklift, can match with the charger. There is also a forklift power lithium battery is colloid shape; Gel electrolyte ingredient for a size close to nanoscale functional compounds, good rheological property, easy to implement on lead of lithium-ion batteries with liquid filling. Gel electrolyte into several hours later, lithium battery internal or charge will occur gradually gelation, turn state liquid electrolyte for jelly, colloid, a variety of surface active agent is added to the help filling lithium battery before gelling resistance, but also help prevent plate sulphate after filling the lithium battery, reduce the corrosion of sheeting, raise the utilization ratio of plate reaction of active material, the energy released by the original response is directly into low voltage direct current (dc) device. Lithium battery is able to convert chemical energy and direct current (dc) can each other and can recover the charging reuse after discharge device; Colloid forklift battery compared with ordinary forklift lead acid lithium battery performance. Colloid lithium battery is lead acid type lithium batteries of a new generation of products, because of the electrolyte is named colloidal substance. Colloid lithium lithium battery significantly improved the original lead-acid battery discharge acid and thermal control performance is poor, defects such as short service life, reflecting the long life, wide range of temperature adaptation, low self-discharge rate, good thermal runaway performance, good consistency, security, environmental protection and a series of prominent features; Electric lift trucks in the fast development in recent years, drive forklift lithium battery to each use field, people use of lithium battery forklift time and life demand is higher and higher, in bad brand it is difficult to survive, at home and abroad in terms of lithium battery forklift price, of course, most by domestic environmental audit of the factory is not much, have the qualification of forklift battery factory is not much, believe in the coming years, standardized management, battery industry will obtain the benign development. Focus on more lithium battery forklift news: the Product. asp吗? 盖子= 178 & lb=178
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